Gabrielle Klein Halloween Recap

Halloween is my second favorite holiday. Luckily, I met Gabrielle Klein at the perfect time. She is visiting LA for a short while (from Utah) and had never been to the annual Halloween ‘parade’ in West Hollywood. It is estimated that half a million people invade Santa Monica Blvd. on this evening.

Gabrielle Klein Halloween Recap 1Gabrielle Klein Halloween Recap 2Gabrielle Klein Halloween Recap 3Gabrielle Klein Halloween Recap 4Gabrielle Klein Halloween Recap 5Gabrielle Klein Halloween Recap 6Gabrielle Klein Halloween Recap 7Gabrielle Klein Halloween Recap 8

I proposed to Gabrielle that we scrounge together a costume and go out to take photos. The first 52 photos in the gallery are from this year and the rest are from my archives of previous outings. Do not fear, you will be seeing more of Gabrielle without the makeup and even without the wardrobe! Hey, cut us some slack. It was a chilly October night.

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Delia Castillo Black Tights and Sun

Delia Castillo is a petite Latina from Southern Cali. I had her photographically explore the phenomena of the black-tight-trend with me. It is a recurring theme that has mystified many a male in the colder months. It’s as if the female gender found the perfect way to give the finger to Father Winter who said you couldn’t look sexy and stay relatively warm.
Delia Castillo Black Tights and Sun 1Delia Castillo Black Tights and Sun 2Delia Castillo Black Tights and Sun 3Delia Castillo Black Tights and Sun 4Delia Castillo Black Tights and Sun 5Delia Castillo Black Tights and Sun 6Delia Castillo Black Tights and Sun 7Delia Castillo Black Tights and Sun 8
And when the sun shines bright, pure magic occurs. Lululemon may not describe it in such a positive manner. They are a yoga apparel manufacturer that came under fire recently for selling products that were transparent in direct light. Apparently many girls were doing yoga without panties under their Lulu-pants. What is this world coming to?


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Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters

Debbie Vogel has this aura about her that I credit to her upbringing in San Francisco. She’s easy-going, often flustered, and open to creativity. We took these right before I rushed her to catch a bus back to the Bay area. This street, devoted to places that sell automotive glass, is also a spot where day laborers loiter on the sidewalk.
Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 1Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 2Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 3Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 4Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 5Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 6Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 7Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 8
Consequentially, Debbie was timid to take these pictures in front the graffiti wall, but understandably so. One worker decided it was a perfect opportunity to bust out his crappy cell phone and do his own photography of my muse. I had to holler at the bastard to give us 30 seconds of semi-privacy. We took our shots and Debbie earned my respect as a girl willing to go the distance.
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Courtney Laudner warm sounds

Courtney Laudner withstood the intense heat on a warm day in the Valley. And this dress that she’s wearing is not summer garb. Both us of were breaking a sweat. Or should I say that I was sweating and she was perspiring?

Courtney Laudner warm sounds 1Courtney Laudner warm sounds 2Courtney Laudner warm sounds 3Courtney Laudner warm sounds 4Courtney Laudner warm sounds 5Courtney Laudner warm sounds 6Courtney Laudner warm sounds 7Courtney Laudner warm sounds 8

Courtney is a bit shy at first, but I can also tell that she enjoys showing off her crazy curves. Finding girls who are beautiful, edgy, and a bit uninhibited can be quite a chore. But when you find them, it is amazing. Courtney fires on all cylinders.

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Cheyenne West out West

Cheyenne claims to have been quite the tennis player when she was in high school. She says she does some jogging to stay fit these days. Some moments she can strike you as being a very shy nerd, but at others you think her a bit of a party girl. She is a tough nut to crack.

Cheyenne West out West 1Cheyenne West out West 2Cheyenne West out West 3Cheyenne West out West 4Cheyenne West out West 5Cheyenne West out West 6Cheyenne West out West 7Cheyenne West out West 8Cheyenne West out West 9


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Cheyenne West dresses in black

Cheyenne West is an interesting character. She came out to Los Angeles to study acting from Minnesota. She’s very quiet and thoughtful. Cheyenne wanted to be photographed in a couple of her roommate’s retro dresses from the early 20th century.
Cheyenne West dresses in black 1Cheyenne West dresses in black 2Cheyenne West dresses in black 3Cheyenne West dresses in black 4Cheyenne West dresses in black 5Cheyenne West dresses in black 6Cheyenne West dresses in black 7Cheyenne West dresses in black 8
I was psyched to be able to use such unique wardrobe pieces in the photos and it complimented Cheyenne’s classic beauty.


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Cassie Becker Hot Sunday

Cassie Becker and I took these just outside of her place. It was a hot Sunday morning. Sweat was unavoidable. Cassie, in good spirits, sported this dress that was not made of the thinnest material.

Cassie Becker Hot Sunday 1Cassie Becker Hot Sunday 2Cassie Becker Hot Sunday 3Cassie Becker Hot Sunday 4Cassie Becker Hot Sunday 5Cassie Becker Hot Sunday 6Cassie Becker Hot Sunday 7Cassie Becker Hot Sunday 8

I had seen other girls try this piece on, but it simply did not work for them. Cassie’s spectacular figure, however, had no problem making itself known. So focused was I on the photos, that I nearly fell off a 12-foot ledge, since these were taken atop the property’s garage structure.

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Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze

Bree Abernathy is a lovely girl from Iowa who has come to Los Angeles with ambitions in acting and comedy. She’s of Scottish descent, which probably accounts for her vibrant red hair. It was quite the sunny day and Bree explained to me that she doesn’t tan, she just burns.
Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 1Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 2Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 3Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 4Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 5Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 6Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 7Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 8Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 9
This witty, brainy, and athletic young lady has a taste for adventure. I didn’t get the least hint that she was shy walking around in this sheer garment. I bet we made a few tourists in Santa Monica scratch their heads that day.


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Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga

Bree Abernathy was a sporty nerd in high school. She was in band, on the debate and the swim teams, and ran cross country. She is now in Los Angeles pursuing acting and comedy.

Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 1Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 2Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 3Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 4Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 5Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 6Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 7Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 8

Bree explains that she pushed her body to its limits at a young age, so these days, due to sports injuries, she sticks to yoga as her exercise. This quirky redhead proved again to be adventurous as she teased in her sheer yoga gear at a nearby neighborhood park.

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Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen

Blake Crawford appreciated the idea of photographing her with a natural, unrefined look. She understood that sometimes its better to not tamper much with a good thing. One of my favorite quotes is: if it ain’t broke, don’t break it.

Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 1Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 2Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 3Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 4Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 5Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 6Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 7Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 8

Ok, so its just my own version of an all ready popular idiom, but that is how I often feel about cosmetic modifications such as makeup, piercings, surgery, tattoos, and sometimes even shaving/hair removal. Anyhoo, Blake has a fantastic raw beauty and seemed perfectly comfortable in her own skin.

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