Geri Burgess Forecast Love

Geri Burgess is as beautiful as they come. When I first met her, I thought my style of photos would be too much for a girl with such a sweet disposition. I was pleasantly surprised to be incorrect. Geri loves to travel and to run.

Geri Burgess Forecast Love 1Geri Burgess Forecast Love 2Geri Burgess Forecast Love 3Geri Burgess Forecast Love 4Geri Burgess Forecast Love 5Geri Burgess Forecast Love 6Geri Burgess Forecast Love 7Geri Burgess Forecast Love 8Geri Burgess Forecast Love 9Geri Burgess Forecast Love 10Geri Burgess Forecast Love 11Geri Burgess Forecast Love 12

She already graduated from college but has sought out adventure since receiving her diploma. She shared stories about wild times in Japan that even made me raise my brows. Geri is a unique young woman who reminded me never to judge a book by its cover.

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Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade

So this adorable 18 year old is Victoria Lynn from West Virginia. She came out to Los Angeles to do some nude modeling. I believe an agent found her on a webcam site and had her fly to LA the next afternoon. I can understand why, from her inviting eyes, full lips, and stunning natural curves.

Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  2Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  3Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  4Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  5Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  6Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  7Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  8Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  9Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  10Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  1

You will definitely see more of them in upcoming galleries. Even though she was shy at first, which is understandable for such a young girl, Victoria began to warm up to the idea of public shooting during the process. I love it when a girl takes the initiative to express to me that she is having fun. Winning!

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Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv

It was not hard to bring the rebel side out of Tristan Berrimore. We took these in one of the nicer neighborhoods of North Hollywood. Tristan is from Florida. Apparently, there are lots of naughty kids in that state. You ever seen the movie, Bully? That had a lasting impression of the Floridian youth on me.

Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 1Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 2Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 3Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 4Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 5Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 6Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 7Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 8Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 9Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 10Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 11Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 12

I also recall the one time I was in the Sunshine State. It was for a wedding and we took the groom out for an impromptu bachelor party. At the club, the most eye-catching stripper wore a smile full of braces and did not look a lick above 17. Through my covert investigation, I discovered that my suspicions were justified. They grow up fast in Florida. True story.

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April Grantham When Nature Calls

I like April Grantham. She is super chill and ready to enjoy nature. These were taken in one of the canyons in the Topanga/Malibu area. We went for a hike and both agreed that our situation did not suck. The land was parched due to the drought here in California, but we also had no job or class to report to on this day.

April Grantham When Nature Calls 1April Grantham When Nature Calls 2April Grantham When Nature Calls 3April Grantham When Nature Calls 4April Grantham When Nature Calls 5April Grantham When Nature Calls 6April Grantham When Nature Calls 7April Grantham When Nature Calls 8April Grantham When Nature Calls 9April Grantham When Nature Calls 10April Grantham When Nature Calls 11April Grantham When Nature Calls 12April Grantham When Nature Calls 13April Grantham When Nature Calls 14April Grantham When Nature Calls 15

Guess you just gotta appreciate the positive in life and not dwell on the negative. For instance, most of us can celebrate the fact that we were not choked to death by a cop this week. Aphex Twin’s “Rhubarb” is the song in the bonus video.

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Kenna James Pumpkin Patch

I knew right from the get-go that I liked Kenna James. I explained that we would have a long drive and probably hit some traffic getting to Underwood Farms. But we both agreed that an authentic Autumn experience was worth the sacrifice. So we grabbed some tacos and jumped on the highway.

Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 2Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 3Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 4Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 5Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 6Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 7Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 8Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 9Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 10Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 11Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 12Kenna James Pumpkin Patch 13

Our visit was a blast. The weather was perfect, we got lost in a corn maze, took plenty of adventurous photos and Kenna fell in love with the goats and chickens. She is currently in school pursuing veterinary medicine. Kenna says she used to be a shy girl. Guess those days are long behind her. The song in the bonus video is Harry McClintock’s “Big Rock Candy Mountain”.

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Lana Rhoades Dear Jon

Welcome Lana Rhoades to Zishy. A couple months ago, she decided to drop her boyfriend in Chicago and make a name for herself in the LA porn world. Lana has stunning eyes and the sexual appetite of a bonobo.

Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 1Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 2Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 3Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 4Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 5Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 6Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 7Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 8Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 9Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 10Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 11Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 12

Let’s not blame Jon. I bet this woman would be too much for any one person to handle. A tourist teenager, unaware of who Lana is or what she does, asked to take a photo with the captivating brunette. Lana obliged and gained a future fan. The Beach Boys’ “Don’t Worry Baby” is the song in the bonus video.

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Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions

Natasha Legeyda won the genetic Olympics. Is it because she is Russian? Or is it because she is Italian? This inked-up beauty with the natural figure of an adult store mannequin swears she never even works out.

Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 1Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 2Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 3Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 4Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 5Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 6Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 7Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 8Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 9Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 10Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 11Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 12

Natasha just keeps moving, constantly traveling and searching for happiness and adventure.

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Veronica Weston Beach Officials

Veronica Weston likes to put on a good show. For the most part, I sat back and just documented her devious nature on this day. Veronica admits to being an exhibitionist of sorts. There may not be many people in the background of these shots, but I assure you there were plenty of eyebrows being raised around lifeguard tower number five.

Veronica Weston Beach Officials 1Veronica Weston Beach Officials 2Veronica Weston Beach Officials 3Veronica Weston Beach Officials 4Veronica Weston Beach Officials 5Veronica Weston Beach Officials 6Veronica Weston Beach Officials 7Veronica Weston Beach Officials 8Veronica Weston Beach Officials 9Veronica Weston Beach Officials 10Veronica Weston Beach Officials 11Veronica Weston Beach Officials 12

The shoes she’s wearing are quite awkward to walk in, which makes Veronica’s cartwheel in the bonus video clip all the more impressive. If you can believe it, this cheeky blonde had the audacity to ask if she did a good job. Yes, I’d say Veronica Weston gets an A on her report card. Summer days, I will miss thee.

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Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn

If you’re not big on tattoos, I feel ya. If you do not like Piper Candless, tough. I have a few galleries on her. I had to trek back up to Palm Springs just to photograph Piper. She was leaving the area, so the window of opportunity was mighty slim. Nonetheless, I knew that I had to capture this eccentric beauty with her athletic body for your eyes.

Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 1Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 2Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 3Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 4Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 5Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 6Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 7Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 8Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 9Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 10Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 11Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 12

We woke up at the crack of dawn for these images. Piper had her espresso, I had my camera. We get out there and within minutes, she tells me that this setting calls for her to strip out of her clothes. Alright, Piper. No complaints here. Can you see the Ryan McGinley influence on this one?

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Courtney Laudner Danger Pool

Courtney Laudner is a natural beauty who drove out to LA from Apple Valley. She struck me as a bit quiet and reserved. But then she told me that she has a wild side. Perhaps its all relative. People from that area tend to be rather religious … Conservative Christian religious.
Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 1Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 2Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 3Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 4Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 5Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 6Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 7Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 8Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 9Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 10Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 11Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 12
I once had to drive through Apple Valley and it seemed every other radio station was playing a song about Jesus and Glory and all that Salvation business. I just hope the rapture doesn’t come too soon. I would like to photograph a few more lovely girls like Courtney before all is said and done.
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