Tristan Berrimore Home Entertainment

Here we have Tristan Berrimore playing video games, which is obviously a fiction. We all know girls do not play video games. Let’s not kid ourselves, guys. If you want to meet women, put down that controller and go to a yoga class or take some Salsa lessons. Go ahead and crucify me and talk about the rare exceptions to the rule.

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But never forget the reasoning behind the rule. Tristan was having a bit too much fun relaxing in the chair, so I suggested she get her heart pumping on the elliptical trainer. Oddly enough, it mostly just sent my heart racing.

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Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv

It was not hard to bring the rebel side out of Tristan Berrimore. We took these in one of the nicer neighborhoods of North Hollywood. Tristan is from Florida. Apparently, there are lots of naughty kids in that state. You ever seen the movie, Bully? That had a lasting impression of the Floridian youth on me.

Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 1Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 2Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 3Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 4Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 5Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 6Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 7Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 8Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 9Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 10Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 11Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 12

I also recall the one time I was in the Sunshine State. It was for a wedding and we took the groom out for an impromptu bachelor party. At the club, the most eye-catching stripper wore a smile full of braces and did not look a lick above 17. Through my covert investigation, I discovered that my suspicions were justified. They grow up fast in Florida. True story.

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