Emmy Sinclair American Missile

Americans, hope your holiday weekend was a blast. Hope you still have all ten fingers attached after a night of fireworks. When I was a kid, the Fourth meant a live-ammunition battle with toy soldiers. These days, I am perfectly content with the decision to trade in my G.I. Joes for dolls like Emmy Sinclair.

Emmy Sinclair American Missile 2Emmy Sinclair American Missile 3Emmy Sinclair American Missile 4Emmy Sinclair American Missile 5Emmy Sinclair American Missile 6Emmy Sinclair American Missile 7Emmy Sinclair American Missile 8Emmy Sinclair American Missile 9Emmy Sinclair American Missile 10Emmy Sinclair American Missile 11Emmy Sinclair American Missile 12Emmy Sinclair American Missile 13

Patriotism is all fine and good to a certain point, but in the end, I hope everyone can see that flags and borders are a bunch of horse shit. I pledge allegiance to Team Human. War’s “Galaxy” plays in the bonus video.

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Dora Flynn Ginger Suites

These photos of Dora Flynn have me itching to return to Las Vegas. I do not care about gambling. I do not care for expensive live shows. Alcohol, strippers, and crowded dance floors do not pique my interest. What drives me is a hunger for another kind of fun. I enjoy spectating the extravagance that is Vegas.
Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 1Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 2Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 3Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 4Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 5Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 6Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 7Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 8Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 9Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 10Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 11Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 12
And I love to photograph beautiful women with this backdrop. Dora came South from Canada to the Nevada oasis to be with her video game romance, meaning that she met her bf while gaming online and decided to roll the dice with Sin City. Dora visibly gets a thrill showing off her flexibility and French tongue. Resort fees are lame, but they are a small to pay for my type of fun. Hope you enjoy this petite & bendy ginger and have a winning weekend.
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Jade Couture Morning Showers

Jade Couture AKA Natasha Malkova is as pretty and sweet and natural as they come from Southern California. She first gives you the impression that she’s a bit reserved, but when you ask her to strip down or do something provocative, you can’t sense the least bit of hesitation. Jade keeps close with her small group of friends and they enjoy going out on hikes and other random excursions in nature.

Jade Couture Morning Showers 1Jade Couture Morning Showers 2Jade Couture Morning Showers 3Jade Couture Morning Showers 4Jade Couture Morning Showers 5Jade Couture Morning Showers 6Jade Couture Morning Showers 7Jade Couture Morning Showers 8

Although she is friendly and full of smiles, one can sense that Jade is a quiet and thoughtful person. She claims that when she was young, her parents kept her in unflattering clothes and hence made her feel a bit like the ugly duckling in school. Seems like that is no longer the case.

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Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines

Upon editing these photos, I realized how the sequence makes no sense. Why would Kelly Lamprin rub lotion on her skin only to jump into the shower shortly after? Did anyone notice this oddity before reading these notes? If you did, you deserve a badge for being hyper-observant.

Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 2Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 3Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 4Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 5Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 6Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 7Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 8Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 9Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 10Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 1

I certainly would have missed it. All of my attention would be drawn to this incredible girl shedding her underwear and enjoying a hot shower. The water was so warm it made Kelly’s bottom turn red. I found that to be absurdly cute. After drying off, Kelly rushed to her job at a local movie theater. Her clientele must have had no clue that they just missed the real show. BTW, a monthly subscription to Zishy costs less than a movie ticket. Just sayin’.

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