April Grantham Sins Of Drought

April Grantham cares about the environment, cares about animals, even cares about people. This quaint tub and the prospect of a cooling bath made April indulge in the, arguably, unnecessary water use; but for a good cause. See, California is in the midst of a serious drought. I have driven through areas that resemble the Dust Bowl from the 1930s.

April Grantham Sins Of Drought 1April Grantham Sins Of Drought 2April Grantham Sins Of Drought 3April Grantham Sins Of Drought 4April Grantham Sins Of Drought 5April Grantham Sins Of Drought 6April Grantham Sins Of Drought 7April Grantham Sins Of Drought 8April Grantham Sins Of Drought 9April Grantham Sins Of Drought 10April Grantham Sins Of Drought 11April Grantham Sins Of Drought 12

I have seen lakes that have all but dried up completely. Lakeside real estate and the boating community is suffering dearly. This is serious. The dire situation calls for drastic measures. If you are an attractive person and you crave a bath, I urge you to have someone with a camera document the event. You might as well share the enjoyment with as many possible. Thanks for leading the way, April. In all seriousness, please send water.

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Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath

I photographed Isabel Carvajal at her place in North Hollywood. Isabel came up with the idea of a bath-time photoshoot when I mentioned that I wanted to do something special for Valentine’s Day. She suggested some bubbles, wine, and candles. I must say our execution was not the best. The bubble bath didn’t have enough bubbles (always go with Mr. Bubble), we didn’t have a bottle of wine to open, and the candles were mostly overpowered by the ambient light in her bathroom.

Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 1Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 2Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 3Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 4Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 5Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 6Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 7Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 8

Nonetheless, I had beautiful Isabel without a stitch of clothing on, her roommate was away for the afternoon, and she was ready to get soaked. So I hope that you enjoy this silly holiday and that most of you manage to get some!

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