Patience Dolder Boats Plus

Patience Dolder is a sweet, goofy, vegan, kinkster from Colorado. She is one of the kindest and most adventurous women I have met. For example, she took the initiative to bring ME a small gift upon our first meeting. That immediately raised the bar for all future girls of Zishy.

Patience Dolder Boats Plus 1Patience Dolder Boats Plus 2Patience Dolder Boats Plus 3Patience Dolder Boats Plus 4Patience Dolder Boats Plus 5Patience Dolder Boats Plus 6Patience Dolder Boats Plus 7Patience Dolder Boats Plus 8

At our soy-based luncheon, we were given a humorous order number. After which, we experimented with making a long dress work in provocative photos. Boat supplies shopping at West Marine was fun. Now I just need a boat.

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Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets

Back in Houston, Natalie Austin and I visit an outlet mall. This curvy twenty-year-old is brave. The sweater she walked around in offered less than complete coverage. Then, her white tank left little to the imagination.

Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 2Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 3Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 4Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 5Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 6Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 7Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 8Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 9Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 10Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 11Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 12Natalie Austin Hanging Outlets 13

I wonder if the young men working the kiosks will remember the sight. They certainly could not let the vision pass without some excited commentary. The Pooh and Clifford rides ate our quarters. Would have made for a cute video clip. Total buzzkill. Song in the bonus video is “Talk to Me” by Peaches.

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