Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh

A while back, when I was renting a portrait studio, for Gawd knows what reason, I met Noyemi Chenian. She is one of the many Armenian Americans who call Glendale, CA their home. She wanted to get some sexy rebellious shots for her modeling portfolio and I was much obliged to help.

Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 1Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 2Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 3Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 4Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 5Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 6Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 7Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 8

Her hair was in its own rebellion due to a rare LA rain shower, but 19 year-old “No” was stunning. Although the whole gallery leaves quite a bit un-revealed, I figured it was better to share Noyemi’s beauty rather than not. Before you swarm me with requests, know that your humble narrator has already tried to get her back for more risque material. Tried.

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Alyson Grey After School Program

Alyson Grey is about as cool as they come. I didn’t have to twist her arm into smiling for photos. She naturally beams on a regular basis. We took these at her relative’s place. You may observe the owners are a bit ‘old school’, see the corded phone relic.

Alyson Grey After School Program 1Alyson Grey After School Program 2Alyson Grey After School Program 3Alyson Grey After School Program 4Alyson Grey After School Program 5Alyson Grey After School Program 6Alyson Grey After School Program 7Alyson Grey After School Program 8

At first, I thought it’d be cool to showcase it in the photos, but later I had second thoughts. If anything, it takes me back mentally to a time when I’d wrestle my sister for use of the phone to speak with the objects of our teen affection. We have come a long way since the 90s.

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