Marley Kunis Spider Monkeyin

This is the night that I met Marley Kunis. She’s a wonderful girl from Portland who thought she would come out to LA and make some quick money in the adult industry. That decision was probably fueled by her eccentric spirit which seems difficult to contain.

Marley Kunis Spider Monkeyin 1Marley Kunis Spider Monkeyin 2Marley Kunis Spider Monkeyin 3Marley Kunis Spider Monkeyin 4Marley Kunis Spider Monkeyin 5Marley Kunis Spider Monkeyin 6Marley Kunis Spider Monkeyin 7Marley Kunis Spider Monkeyin 8

Before her first hardcore scene, Marley had a change of heart and decided to cut her losses and head back home in tears. Later, when I asked what happened, she said she ‘pussied’ out. I disagree. I think it took more courage to make a last-minute 180 than to just go with the flow to avoid disappointing others. I suppose when you are all of 18 years old, being a bit flaky can be excused.

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Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh

A while back, when I was renting a portrait studio, for Gawd knows what reason, I met Noyemi Chenian. She is one of the many Armenian Americans who call Glendale, CA their home. She wanted to get some sexy rebellious shots for her modeling portfolio and I was much obliged to help.

Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 1Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 2Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 3Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 4Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 5Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 6Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 7Noyemi Chenian Rebel Sesh 8

Her hair was in its own rebellion due to a rare LA rain shower, but 19 year-old “No” was stunning. Although the whole gallery leaves quite a bit un-revealed, I figured it was better to share Noyemi’s beauty rather than not. Before you swarm me with requests, know that your humble narrator has already tried to get her back for more risque material. Tried.

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Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing

Chelsea Dawson moved to LA 2 years ago from New Zealand. I photographed her at her home in Brentwood. She loves animals, especially dogs, and seems to genuinely enjoy making new friends.

Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 1Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 2Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 3Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 4Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 5Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 6Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 7Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 8

Her day job is as a receptionist at a legal firm in Century City. Chelsea has the frame that lends perfectly to fashion/lingerie modeling. Apparently, this was one of her first photo shoots ever and just like her incredible figure, she was a natural.

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Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade

So this adorable 18 year old is Victoria Lynn from West Virginia. She came out to Los Angeles to do some nude modeling. I believe an agent found her on a webcam site and had her fly to LA the next afternoon. I can understand why, from her inviting eyes, full lips, and stunning natural curves.

Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  2Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  3Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  4Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  5Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  6Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  7Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  8Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  9Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  10Victoria Lynn Visits Promenade  1

You will definitely see more of them in upcoming galleries. Even though she was shy at first, which is understandable for such a young girl, Victoria began to warm up to the idea of public shooting during the process. I love it when a girl takes the initiative to express to me that she is having fun. Winning!

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