Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico

I am waiting for some friends to join us at El Cholo Mexican restaurant. It makes me think of the last time I was here with one of the girls from the site. Ah, the memories of mammaries and Dos Equis.
Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 1Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 2Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 3Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 4Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 5Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 6Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 7Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 8
It won’t be that wild tonight. The highlights of the evening will be how great the edible I just ingested makes my crab flautas taste. Then there is that fight. It feels odd to root for a shit-talker. Hope this gallery of Lizbette Huerta warms up your weekend, fuckos.
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Lilith Lust China Girl

Lilith Lust is the type of girl that simply turns heads no matter where she goes. In this series, we visited Chinatown. She said her outfit seemed very ‘Asian’, so I suppose our location was perfect. Back at the parking garage where we took some of these, an elder security guard approached us.
Lilith Lust China Girl 1Lilith Lust China Girl 2Lilith Lust China Girl 3Lilith Lust China Girl 4Lilith Lust China Girl 5Lilith Lust China Girl 6Lilith Lust China Girl 7Lilith Lust China Girl 8Lilith Lust China Girl 9Lilith Lust China Girl 10Lilith Lust China Girl 11Lilith Lust China Girl 12
We could tell that he did not speak English well. Lilith batted her eyelashes and smiled. The man smiled back, gave us a thumbs-up and walked away. It pays have an attractive girl by your side.


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Natalie Moore Summer Squash

Once I saw Natalie Moore on a preview trailer for an adult site, I knew I had to photograph her for Zishy. Natalie was no disappointment. She brought the vibrance that had caught my attention. Though she is in porn, I suspected she had a creative mind and a truly devious nature.

Natalie Moore Summer Squash  1Natalie Moore Summer Squash  2Natalie Moore Summer Squash  3Natalie Moore Summer Squash  4Natalie Moore Summer Squash  5Natalie Moore Summer Squash  6Natalie Moore Summer Squash  7Natalie Moore Summer Squash  8Natalie Moore Summer Squash  9Natalie Moore Summer Squash  10Natalie Moore Summer Squash  11Natalie Moore Summer Squash  12

She was not simply perv-for-pay as so many girls are in the industry. Mix that in with her looks and you have a winner .We took these at a buddy’s place who has an exquisite little garden. Natalie offered the idea of climbing the tree in her dress and heel

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Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey

Being the complete and utterly modest gentleman that I am, I insisted that Eva Lovia crash in my bed when she stayed overnight at my place. So upon awaking in my living room, I had a grand idea to photograph Eva in the early morning light, without makeup, without fixed hair, Nothing.

Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 1Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 2Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 3Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 4Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 5Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 6Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 7Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 8Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 9

I suspected her raw beauty was the kind that could pull it off. I am thinking you will agree. Luckily, I enjoy staying in shape. I run and swim regularly. I say luckily because try to think of how much strain a man’s heart must undergo by having a magnificent creature such as Eva, roll around in front of him in the wee hours of the morn.

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Dillion Harper Lemon Song

Dillion Harper must have somehow located the fountain of youth. She is 20 years old but does not look a lick above 16. She is an extraordinarily sweet girl who genuinely loves to make people happy. We shot these outside at a client’s Malibu villa.
Dillion Harper Lemon Song 1Dillion Harper Lemon Song 2Dillion Harper Lemon Song 3Dillion Harper Lemon Song 4Dillion Harper Lemon Song 5Dillion Harper Lemon Song 6Dillion Harper Lemon Song 7Dillion Harper Lemon Song 8
See, for over the last decade, I have been hired by companies to build and administrate their web sites. Once my client, Sebastian, heard that I was running Zishy, he generously offered his location for photos. So these were taken minutes after Dillion and I arrived and we began exploring the multi-acre estate. More of this firecracker to come.
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Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only

Danica Ensley back at it with her fun and positive personality. I asked her if she’d be cool with drinking and getting playful with milk for some photos. She was like, for shizz. Then she started lapping up milk like a kitty.

Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 1Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 2Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 3Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 4Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 5Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 6Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 7Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 8

And I was like, ahhh yeah! She’s a perfect beauty inside and out. Loyal as all hell to her man, attentive and caring towards her nephews, ready to work hard and do a good job at whatever task is in front of her. There needs to be more like her. Danica for life!

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Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze

Bree Abernathy is a lovely girl from Iowa who has come to Los Angeles with ambitions in acting and comedy. She’s of Scottish descent, which probably accounts for her vibrant red hair. It was quite the sunny day and Bree explained to me that she doesn’t tan, she just burns.
Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 1Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 2Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 3Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 4Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 5Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 6Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 7Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 8Bree Abernathy Pacific Breeze 9
This witty, brainy, and athletic young lady has a taste for adventure. I didn’t get the least hint that she was shy walking around in this sheer garment. I bet we made a few tourists in Santa Monica scratch their heads that day.


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Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga

Bree Abernathy was a sporty nerd in high school. She was in band, on the debate and the swim teams, and ran cross country. She is now in Los Angeles pursuing acting and comedy.

Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 1Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 2Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 3Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 4Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 5Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 6Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 7Bree Abernathy Ginger Yoga 8

Bree explains that she pushed her body to its limits at a young age, so these days, due to sports injuries, she sticks to yoga as her exercise. This quirky redhead proved again to be adventurous as she teased in her sheer yoga gear at a nearby neighborhood park.

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Amber Sym bedroom dancing

Amber Sym is from Florida. Her fit figure, which is all natural, has afforded her many opportunities in nude modeling. She has worked for several big production companies including Playboy.

Amber Sym bedroom dancing 1Amber Sym bedroom dancing 2Amber Sym bedroom dancing 3Amber Sym bedroom dancing 4Amber Sym bedroom dancing 5Amber Sym bedroom dancing 6Amber Sym bedroom dancing 7Amber Sym bedroom dancing 8

Amber has an adventurous personality and loves to try new things. She has even dabbled in a bit of parkour. That’s where you jump and run and climb over obstacles in the street and try not to break your face. Agile Amber is definitely not your typical model.

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Luna Castro Dark Lovely

A girl like Luna Castro takes me back to my younger days growing up in El Paso, Texas. The population there consists primarily of Mexican Americans, not surprisingly since El Paso is a border town. I am guessing 7 out of every 10 girls that I knew were brunettes with dark complexions.

Luna Castro Dark Lovely 1Luna Castro Dark Lovely 2Luna Castro Dark Lovely 3Luna Castro Dark Lovely 4Luna Castro Dark Lovely 5Luna Castro Dark Lovely 6Luna Castro Dark Lovely 7Luna Castro Dark Lovely 8Luna Castro Dark Lovely 9Luna Castro Dark Lovely 10

I will be real with you, this had a lasting impact on my taste in women. People tend to desire that which is rare. Looking through this site, it is evident that I have an inclination towards girls with lighter skin tones. But there are exceptions to every rule and Luna Castro is simply gorgeous even to my discriminating eye. She is also one of the most confident and experienced models that I have ever been lucky enough to photograph. Viva la raza.

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