Courtney Laudner Danger Pool

Courtney Laudner is a natural beauty who drove out to LA from Apple Valley. She struck me as a bit quiet and reserved. But then she told me that she has a wild side. Perhaps its all relative. People from that area tend to be rather religious … Conservative Christian religious.
Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 1Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 2Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 3Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 4Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 5Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 6Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 7Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 8Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 9Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 10Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 11Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 12
I once had to drive through Apple Valley and it seemed every other radio station was playing a song about Jesus and Glory and all that Salvation business. I just hope the rapture doesn’t come too soon. I would like to photograph a few more lovely girls like Courtney before all is said and done.
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Jay Taylor Shameless

Jay Taylor has a rare personality. She is selective with whom she works with and yet is comfortable with a wide range of modeling genres. She can do anything from posh fashion to extreme adult fetish material. She is not only a model, but a performer, having plenty of experience pleasing subscribers to her webcam services.
Jay Taylor Shameless 1Jay Taylor Shameless 2Jay Taylor Shameless 3Jay Taylor Shameless 4Jay Taylor Shameless 5Jay Taylor Shameless 6Jay Taylor Shameless 7Jay Taylor Shameless 8
Before working with me, she wanted to be sure the markings on her legs and butt mellowed out. She had just returned from SF where she was the subject of a BDSM video shoot. Luckily, I was able to convince Jay Taylor to share her energy and personality for Zishy.


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Jade Couture Morning Showers

Jade Couture AKA Natasha Malkova is as pretty and sweet and natural as they come from Southern California. She first gives you the impression that she’s a bit reserved, but when you ask her to strip down or do something provocative, you can’t sense the least bit of hesitation. Jade keeps close with her small group of friends and they enjoy going out on hikes and other random excursions in nature.

Jade Couture Morning Showers 1Jade Couture Morning Showers 2Jade Couture Morning Showers 3Jade Couture Morning Showers 4Jade Couture Morning Showers 5Jade Couture Morning Showers 6Jade Couture Morning Showers 7Jade Couture Morning Showers 8

Although she is friendly and full of smiles, one can sense that Jade is a quiet and thoughtful person. She claims that when she was young, her parents kept her in unflattering clothes and hence made her feel a bit like the ugly duckling in school. Seems like that is no longer the case.

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Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl

A while ago I became intrigued with photos that I found floating on the net where you see a girl clothed and then right next to it, the same girl in a similar pose but with less clothing on. When I met Ingrid Hayes for this shoot, I explained the concept and we gave it a go. Ingrid is a pleasant young lady with the essence of a hipster, however I still think she’s pretty cool.

Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 1Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 2Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 3Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 4Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 5Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 6Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 7Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 8

I poked around her place for items we could use as a prop and she whipped out a 35mm film camera that she got at Urban Outfitters. I only ever owned one film camera and it was a broken one that I don’t think I ever figured out how to work. I never found where to plug in the USB cable to download the photos?!?

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Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico

I am waiting for some friends to join us at El Cholo Mexican restaurant. It makes me think of the last time I was here with one of the girls from the site. Ah, the memories of mammaries and Dos Equis.
Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 1Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 2Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 3Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 4Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 5Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 6Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 7Lizbette Huerta Winter En Mexico 8
It won’t be that wild tonight. The highlights of the evening will be how great the edible I just ingested makes my crab flautas taste. Then there is that fight. It feels odd to root for a shit-talker. Hope this gallery of Lizbette Huerta warms up your weekend, fuckos.
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Lilith Lust China Girl

Lilith Lust is the type of girl that simply turns heads no matter where she goes. In this series, we visited Chinatown. She said her outfit seemed very ‘Asian’, so I suppose our location was perfect. Back at the parking garage where we took some of these, an elder security guard approached us.
Lilith Lust China Girl 1Lilith Lust China Girl 2Lilith Lust China Girl 3Lilith Lust China Girl 4Lilith Lust China Girl 5Lilith Lust China Girl 6Lilith Lust China Girl 7Lilith Lust China Girl 8Lilith Lust China Girl 9Lilith Lust China Girl 10Lilith Lust China Girl 11Lilith Lust China Girl 12
We could tell that he did not speak English well. Lilith batted her eyelashes and smiled. The man smiled back, gave us a thumbs-up and walked away. It pays have an attractive girl by your side.


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Natalie Moore Summer Squash

Once I saw Natalie Moore on a preview trailer for an adult site, I knew I had to photograph her for Zishy. Natalie was no disappointment. She brought the vibrance that had caught my attention. Though she is in porn, I suspected she had a creative mind and a truly devious nature.

Natalie Moore Summer Squash  1Natalie Moore Summer Squash  2Natalie Moore Summer Squash  3Natalie Moore Summer Squash  4Natalie Moore Summer Squash  5Natalie Moore Summer Squash  6Natalie Moore Summer Squash  7Natalie Moore Summer Squash  8Natalie Moore Summer Squash  9Natalie Moore Summer Squash  10Natalie Moore Summer Squash  11Natalie Moore Summer Squash  12

She was not simply perv-for-pay as so many girls are in the industry. Mix that in with her looks and you have a winner .We took these at a buddy’s place who has an exquisite little garden. Natalie offered the idea of climbing the tree in her dress and heel

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Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey

Being the complete and utterly modest gentleman that I am, I insisted that Eva Lovia crash in my bed when she stayed overnight at my place. So upon awaking in my living room, I had a grand idea to photograph Eva in the early morning light, without makeup, without fixed hair, Nothing.

Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 1Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 2Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 3Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 4Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 5Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 6Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 7Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 8Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 9

I suspected her raw beauty was the kind that could pull it off. I am thinking you will agree. Luckily, I enjoy staying in shape. I run and swim regularly. I say luckily because try to think of how much strain a man’s heart must undergo by having a magnificent creature such as Eva, roll around in front of him in the wee hours of the morn.

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Dillion Harper Lemon Song

Dillion Harper must have somehow located the fountain of youth. She is 20 years old but does not look a lick above 16. She is an extraordinarily sweet girl who genuinely loves to make people happy. We shot these outside at a client’s Malibu villa.
Dillion Harper Lemon Song 1Dillion Harper Lemon Song 2Dillion Harper Lemon Song 3Dillion Harper Lemon Song 4Dillion Harper Lemon Song 5Dillion Harper Lemon Song 6Dillion Harper Lemon Song 7Dillion Harper Lemon Song 8
See, for over the last decade, I have been hired by companies to build and administrate their web sites. Once my client, Sebastian, heard that I was running Zishy, he generously offered his location for photos. So these were taken minutes after Dillion and I arrived and we began exploring the multi-acre estate. More of this firecracker to come.
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Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only

Danica Ensley back at it with her fun and positive personality. I asked her if she’d be cool with drinking and getting playful with milk for some photos. She was like, for shizz. Then she started lapping up milk like a kitty.

Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 1Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 2Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 3Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 4Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 5Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 6Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 7Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 8

And I was like, ahhh yeah! She’s a perfect beauty inside and out. Loyal as all hell to her man, attentive and caring towards her nephews, ready to work hard and do a good job at whatever task is in front of her. There needs to be more like her. Danica for life!

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