Natalie Moore Sand Crackles

Natalie Moore is originally from Maryland. So when I asked if I could photograph her enjoying some SoCal beach rays, the idea met with a resounding ‘yes’. We made sure to first cool our innards with frozen drinks provided by Taco Bell, a proud sponsor of Zishy. I wish.

Natalie Moore Sand Crackles 1Natalie Moore Sand Crackles 2Natalie Moore Sand Crackles 3Natalie Moore Sand Crackles 4Natalie Moore Sand Crackles 5Natalie Moore Sand Crackles 7Natalie Moore Sand Crackles 6Natalie Moore Sand Crackles 9Natalie Moore Sand Crackles 8Natalie Moore Sand Crackles 10

Then we hit Playa Vista and turned heads at the basketball courts. I suppose they found me attractive. Once we got to the water, it did not take long for sand to crawl up every crevice of Natalie’s. After moshing with waves, she rinsed at the showers alongside some kiddos. Even today, my car’s backseat holds sandy souvenirs from this outing with Natalie Moore. It was worth it.

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Lana Rhoades Dear Jon

Welcome Lana Rhoades to Zishy. A couple months ago, she decided to drop her boyfriend in Chicago and make a name for herself in the LA porn world. Lana has stunning eyes and the sexual appetite of a bonobo.

Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 1Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 2Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 3Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 4Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 5Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 6Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 7Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 8Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 9Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 10Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 11Lana Rhoades Dear Jon 12

Let’s not blame Jon. I bet this woman would be too much for any one person to handle. A tourist teenager, unaware of who Lana is or what she does, asked to take a photo with the captivating brunette. Lana obliged and gained a future fan. The Beach Boys’ “Don’t Worry Baby” is the song in the bonus video.

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Hannah Kinney Polite Pool

Your rain dances have been answered, Hannah Kinney is back. If there was a tally of how many direct emails I get about any specific girl, I’m sure Hannah’s name would be at the top of the list. This sultry beauty is also a guilty pleasure of mine. She’s like that Skrillex song that I hate to admit is really fucking good.

Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  3Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  4Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  5Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  6Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  7Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  8Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  9Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  10Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  11Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  1Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  2Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  12

To explain, I am not one who usually goes for piercings or tattoos. Hannah has plenty of both. Nonetheless, her smile and her sex appeal make me forget about my hangups. Now, I’m not so naive to think that any female is all sweet and no sour, but Hannah sure does have a way about her. She’s from Missouri and is in college studying graphic design. More H K to come.

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Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold

There are many reasons why Jeska Vardinski does not fit alongside most Zishy models. There are even several reasons why this pictorial is not particularly shot in the usual Zishy style. However, there are 2 good reasons why I am still putting it up. 1)Jeska Vardinski is beautiful and 2)Jeska has attitude and knows how to show it. I, myself, will admit to being a hater when it comes to tattoos.

Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 1Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 2Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 3Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 4Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 5Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 6Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 7Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 8

But, when I see some of Jeska’s, I’m like, “Damn, that looks pretty cool.” I shot her a couple years back when I was contemplating Zishy. At the time, I was leaning towards featuring nudity on the site. But obviously, that’s all changed. Hope you don’t hate me too much for giving some censored views of Jeska completely clad.

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Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath

I photographed Isabel Carvajal at her place in North Hollywood. Isabel came up with the idea of a bath-time photoshoot when I mentioned that I wanted to do something special for Valentine’s Day. She suggested some bubbles, wine, and candles. I must say our execution was not the best. The bubble bath didn’t have enough bubbles (always go with Mr. Bubble), we didn’t have a bottle of wine to open, and the candles were mostly overpowered by the ambient light in her bathroom.

Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 1Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 2Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 3Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 4Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 5Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 6Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 7Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath 8

Nonetheless, I had beautiful Isabel without a stitch of clothing on, her roommate was away for the afternoon, and she was ready to get soaked. So I hope that you enjoy this silly holiday and that most of you manage to get some!

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Luna Kitsuen Alt Winter

You might be stressed about the holidays. You might be wracking your brain over the perfect gift for your grandmother. You might be begging the Sun to stick around longer each day to warm up your old bone. Fuck it, man. That’s what my spiritual guru says.

Luna Kitsuen Alt Winter 1Luna Kitsuen Alt Winter 2Luna Kitsuen Alt Winter 3Luna Kitsuen Alt Winter 4Luna Kitsuen Alt Winter 5Luna Kitsuen Alt Winter 6Luna Kitsuen Alt Winter 7Luna Kitsuen Alt Winter 8

Fuck it, man. You will pull through. January will come around shortly. Then safety, balance, and routine will be restored. And just as you burp up the aftertaste of your last eggnog, you will scratch your head and wonder what all the fuss was about. For now, enjoy Luna Kitsuen on a warmer day of the calendar. More from inside the wigwam to come, as well as a splash-filled vid.

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Delia Castillo Editors Cut

Delia Castillo is a rare find. She has the beauty of a delicate bird but the rough edge of a young Latina who was born and raised in Orange County, CA. I had a brief shoot with Delia on a Friday afternoon and we only had enough time to capture two updates for the site.

Delia Castillo Editors Cut 1Delia Castillo Editors Cut 2Delia Castillo Editors Cut 3Delia Castillo Editors Cut 4Delia Castillo Editors Cut 5Delia Castillo Editors Cut 6Delia Castillo Editors Cut 7Delia Castillo Editors Cut 8

Thanks to a subscriber, I was reminded to publish this second gallery. It never hurts to ask, so if you ever wonder whether more of your particular favorite girl is coming up please drop me an email. My long-time mentor, J. Stephen Hicks, would always proclaim his mantra, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

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Cassie Becker Pacific Theater

Cassie Becker took the 2-minute trip with me from her place to Venice Beach. Being from upstate New York, she is addicted to soaking up sun rays whenever possible. Cassie’s radiance and Bohemian personality blend perfectly with the area.
Cassie Becker Pacific Theater 1Cassie Becker Pacific Theater 2Cassie Becker Pacific Theater 3Cassie Becker Pacific Theater 4Cassie Becker Pacific Theater 5Cassie Becker Pacific Theater 6Cassie Becker Pacific Theater 7Cassie Becker Pacific Theater 8
To many eyes, Venice is merely a gritty tourist destination, filled with drug paraphernalia, vagabonds, and loud music. To myself, Venice is a way of life. Every demographic is represented here on a daily basis and, for the most part, they all find a way to coexist. Anyone can be a Venetian, an open mind is the only requirement.

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