Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting

Harper Scott was one of the first people that I ever hired to photograph. I jumped online and searched for girls that looked cute and open-minded for the type of photos that I wanted to take. I initially thought I’d be able to schedule a shoot for later that week.

Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 1Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 2Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 3Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 4Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 5Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 6Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 7Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 8

However once I started corresponding with Harper, I took a shot in the dark and asked if she’d be interested in coming over that afternoon for an hour or two. To my surprise, she was game and was at my door in no time. I can’t say I knew exactly what I was doing, nor do I even now. I just know what type of photos I like to see and aim for that. Fortunately, Harper Scott is a sharp girl and easy to work with … the perfect beginning to my long and eventful journey behind the camera.

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Patience Dolder Boats Plus

Patience Dolder is a sweet, goofy, vegan, kinkster from Colorado. She is one of the kindest and most adventurous women I have met. For example, she took the initiative to bring ME a small gift upon our first meeting. That immediately raised the bar for all future girls of Zishy.

Patience Dolder Boats Plus 1Patience Dolder Boats Plus 2Patience Dolder Boats Plus 3Patience Dolder Boats Plus 4Patience Dolder Boats Plus 5Patience Dolder Boats Plus 6Patience Dolder Boats Plus 7Patience Dolder Boats Plus 8

At our soy-based luncheon, we were given a humorous order number. After which, we experimented with making a long dress work in provocative photos. Boat supplies shopping at West Marine was fun. Now I just need a boat.

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Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements

Hannah Kinney was not terribly impressed with these photos. Perhaps I often create with blinders on. I often look past ‘imperfections’ and stigmas of what is considered to be a good photo or proper styling or a beautiful setting.

Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 1Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 2Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 3Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 4Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 5Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 6Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 7Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 8

But I only put images (and girls) up on Zishy that I personally appreciate. I am ultimately concerned with giving you something you don’t see everywhere on every photographer’s portfolio or in every magazine. Because no one likes being bored and Zishy will certainly end once I am bored.

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Lilith Lust China Girl

Lilith Lust is the type of girl that simply turns heads no matter where she goes. In this series, we visited Chinatown. She said her outfit seemed very ‘Asian’, so I suppose our location was perfect. Back at the parking garage where we took some of these, an elder security guard approached us.
Lilith Lust China Girl 1Lilith Lust China Girl 2Lilith Lust China Girl 3Lilith Lust China Girl 4Lilith Lust China Girl 5Lilith Lust China Girl 6Lilith Lust China Girl 7Lilith Lust China Girl 8Lilith Lust China Girl 9Lilith Lust China Girl 10Lilith Lust China Girl 11Lilith Lust China Girl 12
We could tell that he did not speak English well. Lilith batted her eyelashes and smiled. The man smiled back, gave us a thumbs-up and walked away. It pays have an attractive girl by your side.


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Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams

Nicole Wetzel has legs for days. Probably legs for nights as well. She spares the smiles in this gallery. I must have given her that direction. Or, perhaps she is one of those rare women that do not find me to be all that humorous. That’s fine, Nicole. Be serious. Be Posh.

Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 1Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 2Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 3Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 4Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 5Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 6Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 7Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 8Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 9Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 10Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 11Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 12

I’m going to make you look tantalizing without even a grin. When you throw a short skirt and heels on a leggy 19-year-old, you are cooking with gasoline. I don’t usually cook with gasoline, per say, but I do like the smell of it. Outkast says that everyone likes the smell of gasoline. I’m glad I am not alone on that one. And I don’t think I’m alone in saying Nicole is spectacular with a capital ‘S’.

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Natalie Moore Summer Squash

Once I saw Natalie Moore on a preview trailer for an adult site, I knew I had to photograph her for Zishy. Natalie was no disappointment. She brought the vibrance that had caught my attention. Though she is in porn, I suspected she had a creative mind and a truly devious nature.

Natalie Moore Summer Squash  1Natalie Moore Summer Squash  2Natalie Moore Summer Squash  3Natalie Moore Summer Squash  4Natalie Moore Summer Squash  5Natalie Moore Summer Squash  6Natalie Moore Summer Squash  7Natalie Moore Summer Squash  8Natalie Moore Summer Squash  9Natalie Moore Summer Squash  10Natalie Moore Summer Squash  11Natalie Moore Summer Squash  12

She was not simply perv-for-pay as so many girls are in the industry. Mix that in with her looks and you have a winner .We took these at a buddy’s place who has an exquisite little garden. Natalie offered the idea of climbing the tree in her dress and heel

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Madison Swan Yoga Flame

Madison Swan AKA Mia Malkova can bend and contort herself naturally. It didn’t take any intense training for this Southern California native. She has been quite blessed physiologically. Her rump, which would make Sir Mix-a-lot faint, is 100% real. When I first saw it, I said, “I’m sorry”.

Madison Swan Yoga Flame  1Madison Swan Yoga Flame  2Madison Swan Yoga Flame  3Madison Swan Yoga Flame  4Madison Swan Yoga Flame  5Madison Swan Yoga Flame  6Madison Swan Yoga Flame  7Madison Swan Yoga Flame  8Madison Swan Yoga Flame  9Madison Swan Yoga Flame  10Madison Swan Yoga Flame  11Madison Swan Yoga Flame  12

She asked why. I replied, “No one will ever believe it is actually yours.” But to hell with the non-believers. Asses like this exist. Nature spits in your face. Sorry to all the younger Zishy fans that come here for good old-fashioned family entertainment. I decided that bare bum, especially Madison Swan’s, is appropriate enough for my galleries. Stay cheeky, my friends.

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Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey

Being the complete and utterly modest gentleman that I am, I insisted that Eva Lovia crash in my bed when she stayed overnight at my place. So upon awaking in my living room, I had a grand idea to photograph Eva in the early morning light, without makeup, without fixed hair, Nothing.

Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 1Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 2Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 3Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 4Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 5Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 6Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 7Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 8Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 9

I suspected her raw beauty was the kind that could pull it off. I am thinking you will agree. Luckily, I enjoy staying in shape. I run and swim regularly. I say luckily because try to think of how much strain a man’s heart must undergo by having a magnificent creature such as Eva, roll around in front of him in the wee hours of the morn.

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Emily Archer So Fruity

Between my shoots with Emily Archer, I somehow managed to forget how goofy and humorous she could be. Her laugh is rather adorable. And as a model, Emily is a chameleon. It felt like with each different outfit she wore, her personality evolved.

Emily Archer So Fruity 1Emily Archer So Fruity 2Emily Archer So Fruity 3Emily Archer So Fruity 4Emily Archer So Fruity 5Emily Archer So Fruity 6Emily Archer So Fruity 7Emily Archer So Fruity 8

To be honest, she appeared to grow more joyful with the less clothing she was in, which is definitely not my usual experience. As for the wardrobe here, she decided to throw on a men’s t-shirt and all of the sudden she went from glam to girlfriend. The sessions with Emily Archer will always dwell pleasantly in my memory.

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Delia Castillo Editors Cut

Delia Castillo is a rare find. She has the beauty of a delicate bird but the rough edge of a young Latina who was born and raised in Orange County, CA. I had a brief shoot with Delia on a Friday afternoon and we only had enough time to capture two updates for the site.

Delia Castillo Editors Cut 1Delia Castillo Editors Cut 2Delia Castillo Editors Cut 3Delia Castillo Editors Cut 4Delia Castillo Editors Cut 5Delia Castillo Editors Cut 6Delia Castillo Editors Cut 7Delia Castillo Editors Cut 8

Thanks to a subscriber, I was reminded to publish this second gallery. It never hurts to ask, so if you ever wonder whether more of your particular favorite girl is coming up please drop me an email. My long-time mentor, J. Stephen Hicks, would always proclaim his mantra, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

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