Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters

Debbie Vogel has this aura about her that I credit to her upbringing in San Francisco. She’s easy-going, often flustered, and open to creativity. We took these right before I rushed her to catch a bus back to the Bay area. This street, devoted to places that sell automotive glass, is also a spot where day laborers loiter on the sidewalk.
Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 1Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 2Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 3Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 4Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 5Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 6Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 7Debbie Vogel Ghetto Blasters 8
Consequentially, Debbie was timid to take these pictures in front the graffiti wall, but understandably so. One worker decided it was a perfect opportunity to bust out his crappy cell phone and do his own photography of my muse. I had to holler at the bastard to give us 30 seconds of semi-privacy. We took our shots and Debbie earned my respect as a girl willing to go the distance.
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Courtney Laudner warm sounds

Courtney Laudner withstood the intense heat on a warm day in the Valley. And this dress that she’s wearing is not summer garb. Both us of were breaking a sweat. Or should I say that I was sweating and she was perspiring?

Courtney Laudner warm sounds 1Courtney Laudner warm sounds 2Courtney Laudner warm sounds 3Courtney Laudner warm sounds 4Courtney Laudner warm sounds 5Courtney Laudner warm sounds 6Courtney Laudner warm sounds 7Courtney Laudner warm sounds 8

Courtney is a bit shy at first, but I can also tell that she enjoys showing off her crazy curves. Finding girls who are beautiful, edgy, and a bit uninhibited can be quite a chore. But when you find them, it is amazing. Courtney fires on all cylinders.

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Bobbi Vidal It Must Be Bobbi

Bobbi Vidal comes from a Puerto Rican family, but she grew up in Michigan. I believe she told me that she enjoys Wu Tang Clan, but I guess it is possible that I am mistaken. In my head, I wish all girls dug on the Wu. I would feel safe betting that most members of the Clan would dig on Bobbi.

Bobbi Vidal It Must Be Bobbi 1Bobbi Vidal It Must Be Bobbi 2Bobbi Vidal It Must Be Bobbi 3Bobbi Vidal It Must Be Bobbi 4Bobbi Vidal It Must Be Bobbi 5Bobbi Vidal It Must Be Bobbi 6Bobbi Vidal It Must Be Bobbi 7Bobbi Vidal It Must Be Bobbi 8

Her looks and personality are straight out of my version of the Garden of Eden. Even though she got a bit timid at times, she stuck to the shoot and made it a point to fulfill her role in camera seduction. Mission accomplished. Returning to earth can be painful after days like this.

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Bailey Helen Why So Serious

I told Bailey Helen that she could select anything that she wanted to wear for this pictorial. She compiled the wackiest get-up possible from her suitcase of clothes. But this is Bailey.

Bailey Helen Why So Serious 1Bailey Helen Why So Serious 2Bailey Helen Why So Serious 3Bailey Helen Why So Serious 4Bailey Helen Why So Serious 5Bailey Helen Why So Serious 6Bailey Helen Why So Serious 7Bailey Helen Why So Serious 8

She loves life and knows how to cut loose for the camera. Bailey used her long legs and athletic build to attack the hurdles on her high school track team.

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Aubrey Belle on campus

Aubrey comes from the Midwest. Her easy-going attitude and bright smile seem ingrained in her personality. We visited a local college campus here in Santa Monica and saw how deviant we could be.

Aubrey Belle on campus 1Aubrey Belle on campus 2Aubrey Belle on campus 3Aubrey Belle on campus 4Aubrey Belle on campus 5Aubrey Belle on campus 6Aubrey Belle on campus 7Aubrey Belle on campus 8

While shooting the panty shots, some guy saw us from about 100 yards away and stayed hidden behind a barrier to see what peeks he could get. Aubrey just seemed to laugh it off and enjoy the warm weather out.

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Athena Adrianna Purp and Yella

Athena Adrianna is a young Jersey girl out in LA. She studies fashion and design. Athena is not shy and loves to rave. I tried playing some of my ‘old school’ electronica to see if she was familiar with any of it. But apparently Bassnectar and Deadmau5 are the new Aphex Twin and The Prodigy.
Athena Adrianna Purp and Yella 1Athena Adrianna Purp and Yella 2Athena Adrianna Purp and Yella 3Athena Adrianna Purp and Yella 4Athena Adrianna Purp and Yella 5Athena Adrianna Purp and Yella 6Athena Adrianna Purp and Yella 7Athena Adrianna Purp and Yella 8
She still thought they sounded cool, so I was pacified. I wonder how the young kids felt when they heard Fatboy Slim at the closing ceremony for the London Olympics. I just hope they do not have the same reaction as I do to songs like Pinball Wizard. Hated it! (in flamboyant voice). Anyways, nothing but love for this fun & beautiful girl who is homesick for the East Coast.


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Alyson Grey After School Program

Alyson Grey is about as cool as they come. I didn’t have to twist her arm into smiling for photos. She naturally beams on a regular basis. We took these at her relative’s place. You may observe the owners are a bit ‘old school’, see the corded phone relic.

Alyson Grey After School Program 1Alyson Grey After School Program 2Alyson Grey After School Program 3Alyson Grey After School Program 4Alyson Grey After School Program 5Alyson Grey After School Program 6Alyson Grey After School Program 7Alyson Grey After School Program 8

At first, I thought it’d be cool to showcase it in the photos, but later I had second thoughts. If anything, it takes me back mentally to a time when I’d wrestle my sister for use of the phone to speak with the objects of our teen affection. We have come a long way since the 90s.

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Geri Burgess Forecast Love

Geri Burgess is as beautiful as they come. When I first met her, I thought my style of photos would be too much for a girl with such a sweet disposition. I was pleasantly surprised to be incorrect. Geri loves to travel and to run.

Geri Burgess Forecast Love 1Geri Burgess Forecast Love 2Geri Burgess Forecast Love 3Geri Burgess Forecast Love 4Geri Burgess Forecast Love 5Geri Burgess Forecast Love 6Geri Burgess Forecast Love 7Geri Burgess Forecast Love 8Geri Burgess Forecast Love 9Geri Burgess Forecast Love 10Geri Burgess Forecast Love 11Geri Burgess Forecast Love 12

She already graduated from college but has sought out adventure since receiving her diploma. She shared stories about wild times in Japan that even made me raise my brows. Geri is a unique young woman who reminded me never to judge a book by its cover.

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Noelle Easton Halloween Citties

Noelle Easton may be 18 years old and bursting at the right seams, but she has not outgrown Halloween. Heh, that kinda rhymes. We visited the fine establishment named Halloween City on this warm Friday. Yep, temperatures are still pleasant in Porn Valley.

Noelle Easton Halloween Citties 2Noelle Easton Halloween Citties 3Noelle Easton Halloween Citties 4Noelle Easton Halloween Citties 5Noelle Easton Halloween Citties 6Noelle Easton Halloween Citties 7Noelle Easton Halloween Citties 8Noelle Easton Halloween Citties 9Noelle Easton Halloween Citties 10Noelle Easton Halloween Citties 1

Noelle immediately attracted attention upon our arrival. A kind gentleman leaving the store offered us to photograph on his Harley Davidson, and even though we were in a pinch for time, we could not resist. Then inside, an employee pestered Noelle for a “sexy photo to make [his] girlfriend jealous”. Noelle indulged him, because she’s sweet like that, and the employee went so far as to lift her up into his arms. The place was crawling with people preparing for the holiday, but we managed to get a few photos of our own. Happy Halloween and do not fret, more Easton and her treats coming soon.

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Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines

Upon editing these photos, I realized how the sequence makes no sense. Why would Kelly Lamprin rub lotion on her skin only to jump into the shower shortly after? Did anyone notice this oddity before reading these notes? If you did, you deserve a badge for being hyper-observant.

Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 2Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 3Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 4Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 5Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 6Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 7Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 8Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 9Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 10Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 1

I certainly would have missed it. All of my attention would be drawn to this incredible girl shedding her underwear and enjoying a hot shower. The water was so warm it made Kelly’s bottom turn red. I found that to be absurdly cute. After drying off, Kelly rushed to her job at a local movie theater. Her clientele must have had no clue that they just missed the real show. BTW, a monthly subscription to Zishy costs less than a movie ticket. Just sayin’.

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