Kelly Lamprin Christian Household

Kelly Lamprin is the ‘cat’s pajamas’, which is a phrase used by hipsters of the 1920’s to describe a person who is the best at what they do. And it is hard to think of anyone who could rock this sheer turtleneck bodysuit better than Kelly. The only complaint I have is with the Moire pattern created by the fabric and my camera. Shucks!

Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  1Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  2Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  3Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  4Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  5Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  6Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  7Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  8Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  9Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  10Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  11Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  12

For the ultra-curious, the picture frames are on the floor because this home was in the middle or redecoration. In the next gallery of Kelly’s, we’ll show you the house’s large walk-in shower and there will be no Moire pattern since there will be no clothes on this incredible girl. Good Lord! Ff you are as enamored by Kelly as I am, you do not want to miss it.

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Courtney Laudner Danger Pool

Courtney Laudner is a natural beauty who drove out to LA from Apple Valley. She struck me as a bit quiet and reserved. But then she told me that she has a wild side. Perhaps its all relative. People from that area tend to be rather religious … Conservative Christian religious.
Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 1Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 2Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 3Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 4Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 5Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 6Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 7Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 8Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 9Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 10Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 11Courtney Laudner Danger Pool 12
I once had to drive through Apple Valley and it seemed every other radio station was playing a song about Jesus and Glory and all that Salvation business. I just hope the rapture doesn’t come too soon. I would like to photograph a few more lovely girls like Courtney before all is said and done.
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Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold

There are many reasons why Jeska Vardinski does not fit alongside most Zishy models. There are even several reasons why this pictorial is not particularly shot in the usual Zishy style. However, there are 2 good reasons why I am still putting it up. 1)Jeska Vardinski is beautiful and 2)Jeska has attitude and knows how to show it. I, myself, will admit to being a hater when it comes to tattoos.

Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 1Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 2Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 3Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 4Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 5Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 6Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 7Jeska Vardinski Breaks My Mold 8

But, when I see some of Jeska’s, I’m like, “Damn, that looks pretty cool.” I shot her a couple years back when I was contemplating Zishy. At the time, I was leaning towards featuring nudity on the site. But obviously, that’s all changed. Hope you don’t hate me too much for giving some censored views of Jeska completely clad.

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Jade Couture Morning Showers

Jade Couture AKA Natasha Malkova is as pretty and sweet and natural as they come from Southern California. She first gives you the impression that she’s a bit reserved, but when you ask her to strip down or do something provocative, you can’t sense the least bit of hesitation. Jade keeps close with her small group of friends and they enjoy going out on hikes and other random excursions in nature.

Jade Couture Morning Showers 1Jade Couture Morning Showers 2Jade Couture Morning Showers 3Jade Couture Morning Showers 4Jade Couture Morning Showers 5Jade Couture Morning Showers 6Jade Couture Morning Showers 7Jade Couture Morning Showers 8

Although she is friendly and full of smiles, one can sense that Jade is a quiet and thoughtful person. She claims that when she was young, her parents kept her in unflattering clothes and hence made her feel a bit like the ugly duckling in school. Seems like that is no longer the case.

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Holly Benson Leotard Formal

Holly Benson said this outfit made her feel like a Playboy bunny. I am not certain if that meant a good thing. Considering how Playboy no longer carries the same name that it once did, I suppose it could go either way.

Holly Benson Leotard Formal 1Holly Benson Leotard Formal 2Holly Benson Leotard Formal 3Holly Benson Leotard Formal 4Holly Benson Leotard Formal 5Holly Benson Leotard Formal 6Holly Benson Leotard Formal 7Holly Benson Leotard Formal 8

Holly also says that she just recently acquired her new curves, meaning she had always held a thinner figure, but decided to make an effort to gain a few more pounds. Personally, I love girls in all shapes and sizes. However, it is my experience that girls with curvier figures tend to be more reserved in front of the camera. So if a beautiful blonde like Holly wants to rock a thicker look, I say ‘Yahtzee’.

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Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting

Harper Scott was one of the first people that I ever hired to photograph. I jumped online and searched for girls that looked cute and open-minded for the type of photos that I wanted to take. I initially thought I’d be able to schedule a shoot for later that week.

Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 1Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 2Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 3Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 4Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 5Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 6Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 7Harper Scott Afternoon Hunting 8

However once I started corresponding with Harper, I took a shot in the dark and asked if she’d be interested in coming over that afternoon for an hour or two. To my surprise, she was game and was at my door in no time. I can’t say I knew exactly what I was doing, nor do I even now. I just know what type of photos I like to see and aim for that. Fortunately, Harper Scott is a sharp girl and easy to work with … the perfect beginning to my long and eventful journey behind the camera.

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Patience Dolder Boats Plus

Patience Dolder is a sweet, goofy, vegan, kinkster from Colorado. She is one of the kindest and most adventurous women I have met. For example, she took the initiative to bring ME a small gift upon our first meeting. That immediately raised the bar for all future girls of Zishy.

Patience Dolder Boats Plus 1Patience Dolder Boats Plus 2Patience Dolder Boats Plus 3Patience Dolder Boats Plus 4Patience Dolder Boats Plus 5Patience Dolder Boats Plus 6Patience Dolder Boats Plus 7Patience Dolder Boats Plus 8

At our soy-based luncheon, we were given a humorous order number. After which, we experimented with making a long dress work in provocative photos. Boat supplies shopping at West Marine was fun. Now I just need a boat.

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Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements

Hannah Kinney was not terribly impressed with these photos. Perhaps I often create with blinders on. I often look past ‘imperfections’ and stigmas of what is considered to be a good photo or proper styling or a beautiful setting.

Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 1Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 2Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 3Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 4Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 5Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 6Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 7Hannah Kinney Argyle Arrangements 8

But I only put images (and girls) up on Zishy that I personally appreciate. I am ultimately concerned with giving you something you don’t see everywhere on every photographer’s portfolio or in every magazine. Because no one likes being bored and Zishy will certainly end once I am bored.

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Lilith Lust China Girl

Lilith Lust is the type of girl that simply turns heads no matter where she goes. In this series, we visited Chinatown. She said her outfit seemed very ‘Asian’, so I suppose our location was perfect. Back at the parking garage where we took some of these, an elder security guard approached us.
Lilith Lust China Girl 1Lilith Lust China Girl 2Lilith Lust China Girl 3Lilith Lust China Girl 4Lilith Lust China Girl 5Lilith Lust China Girl 6Lilith Lust China Girl 7Lilith Lust China Girl 8Lilith Lust China Girl 9Lilith Lust China Girl 10Lilith Lust China Girl 11Lilith Lust China Girl 12
We could tell that he did not speak English well. Lilith batted her eyelashes and smiled. The man smiled back, gave us a thumbs-up and walked away. It pays have an attractive girl by your side.


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Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams

Nicole Wetzel has legs for days. Probably legs for nights as well. She spares the smiles in this gallery. I must have given her that direction. Or, perhaps she is one of those rare women that do not find me to be all that humorous. That’s fine, Nicole. Be serious. Be Posh.

Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 1Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 2Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 3Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 4Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 5Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 6Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 7Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 8Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 9Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 10Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 11Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 12

I’m going to make you look tantalizing without even a grin. When you throw a short skirt and heels on a leggy 19-year-old, you are cooking with gasoline. I don’t usually cook with gasoline, per say, but I do like the smell of it. Outkast says that everyone likes the smell of gasoline. I’m glad I am not alone on that one. And I don’t think I’m alone in saying Nicole is spectacular with a capital ‘S’.

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