Natalie Moore Wrong India

Natalie Moore Wrong India 8

Natalie Moore is sort of like the honey badger. She doesn’t give a shit. That’s why I dig her. The other day, a totally different girl told me that she would not shoot for the site because she only did fine art modeling. And this is a girl who does nudes…you know, those black and white cookie-cutter images you’ve seen 1,000 times.

Natalie Moore Wrong India 1Natalie Moore Wrong India 2Natalie Moore Wrong India 3Natalie Moore Wrong India 4Natalie Moore Wrong India 5Natalie Moore Wrong India 6Natalie Moore Wrong India 7Natalie Moore Wrong India 8

She said she didn’t do any work that: “depicted her as a sex icon, she only did photos that captured the body as art.” Well friends, I hope you all know that you are simple-minded pervs who do not understand how to appreciate these girls’ beauty as art. RetARTed. Guess they all can’t be as fly as NatMo.

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