Viani Duran Has Ridges

When I first met this Mexican beauty, she gave me a warm hug and greeted me in her thick accent. I tried using my Spanish, but it had been a while. Now, this girl says she will never do nudes, but is happy to work the tease for Zishy.

Viani Duran Has Ridges 1Viani Duran Has Ridges 2Viani Duran Has Ridges 3Viani Duran Has Ridges 4Viani Duran Has Ridges 5Viani Duran Has Ridges 6Viani Duran Has Ridges 7Viani Duran Has Ridges 8Viani Duran Has Ridges 9Viani Duran Has Ridges 10Viani Duran Has Ridges 11Viani Duran Has Ridges 12

Right away I detected that Viani Duran is proud of her figure. I doubt she enjoys eating potato chips as much as implied here, but I bet Viani regularly cheeks out in shorts like these. Ay Dios mio, muy eSpicy!

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Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation

Lily Ivy is from Tennessee. You probably know her already. Since last Summer, she made a sizable splash into the adult industry with her boyfriend. Last night, some person broke into my car, robbed me of my camera gear, destroyed hours of hard work that I put into a great shoot with a beautiful woman.

Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 1Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 2Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 3Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 4Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 5Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 6Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 7Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 8Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 9Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 10Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 11Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 12

But as long as I continue to photograph specimens like Lily, I will have to roll with the punches. Sure, I am pissed, but mostly at myself. Won’t be leaving things in my car anytime soon. We march on.

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Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions

Natasha Legeyda won the genetic Olympics. Is it because she is Russian? Or is it because she is Italian? This inked-up beauty with the natural figure of an adult store mannequin swears she never even works out.

Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 1Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 2Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 3Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 4Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 5Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 6Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 7Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 8Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 9Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 10Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 11Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 12

Natasha just keeps moving, constantly traveling and searching for happiness and adventure.

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Veronica Weston Beach Officials

Veronica Weston likes to put on a good show. For the most part, I sat back and just documented her devious nature on this day. Veronica admits to being an exhibitionist of sorts. There may not be many people in the background of these shots, but I assure you there were plenty of eyebrows being raised around lifeguard tower number five.

Veronica Weston Beach Officials 1Veronica Weston Beach Officials 2Veronica Weston Beach Officials 3Veronica Weston Beach Officials 4Veronica Weston Beach Officials 5Veronica Weston Beach Officials 6Veronica Weston Beach Officials 7Veronica Weston Beach Officials 8Veronica Weston Beach Officials 9Veronica Weston Beach Officials 10Veronica Weston Beach Officials 11Veronica Weston Beach Officials 12

The shoes she’s wearing are quite awkward to walk in, which makes Veronica’s cartwheel in the bonus video clip all the more impressive. If you can believe it, this cheeky blonde had the audacity to ask if she did a good job. Yes, I’d say Veronica Weston gets an A on her report card. Summer days, I will miss thee.

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Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn

If you’re not big on tattoos, I feel ya. If you do not like Piper Candless, tough. I have a few galleries on her. I had to trek back up to Palm Springs just to photograph Piper. She was leaving the area, so the window of opportunity was mighty slim. Nonetheless, I knew that I had to capture this eccentric beauty with her athletic body for your eyes.

Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 1Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 2Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 3Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 4Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 5Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 6Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 7Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 8Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 9Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 10Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 11Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 12

We woke up at the crack of dawn for these images. Piper had her espresso, I had my camera. We get out there and within minutes, she tells me that this setting calls for her to strip out of her clothes. Alright, Piper. No complaints here. Can you see the Ryan McGinley influence on this one?

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Issy Mai The Naked Suite

Issy Mai and I returned back to my suite at the Trump resort after hitting the pool. She was completely comfortable with me at this point and didn’t seem to mind walking around without a stitch of clothing on.

Issy Mai The Naked Suite 1Issy Mai The Naked Suite 2Issy Mai The Naked Suite 3Issy Mai The Naked Suite 4Issy Mai The Naked Suite 5Issy Mai The Naked Suite 6Issy Mai The Naked Suite 7Issy Mai The Naked Suite 8

I pointed out the extravagant telephone by the toilet, the embedded flat screen TV in the bathroom mirror, and the gaudy horse-head statue on the desk. All of which made for great potpourri in these images. Issy was a pleasure to work with and meet on this quick trip of mine to Vegas, a beautiful person inside and out.

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Holly Benson Leotard Formal

Holly Benson said this outfit made her feel like a Playboy bunny. I am not certain if that meant a good thing. Considering how Playboy no longer carries the same name that it once did, I suppose it could go either way.

Holly Benson Leotard Formal 1Holly Benson Leotard Formal 2Holly Benson Leotard Formal 3Holly Benson Leotard Formal 4Holly Benson Leotard Formal 5Holly Benson Leotard Formal 6Holly Benson Leotard Formal 7Holly Benson Leotard Formal 8

Holly also says that she just recently acquired her new curves, meaning she had always held a thinner figure, but decided to make an effort to gain a few more pounds. Personally, I love girls in all shapes and sizes. However, it is my experience that girls with curvier figures tend to be more reserved in front of the camera. So if a beautiful blonde like Holly wants to rock a thicker look, I say ‘Yahtzee’.

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Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams

Nicole Wetzel has legs for days. Probably legs for nights as well. She spares the smiles in this gallery. I must have given her that direction. Or, perhaps she is one of those rare women that do not find me to be all that humorous. That’s fine, Nicole. Be serious. Be Posh.

Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 1Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 2Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 3Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 4Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 5Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 6Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 7Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 8Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 9Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 10Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 11Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 12

I’m going to make you look tantalizing without even a grin. When you throw a short skirt and heels on a leggy 19-year-old, you are cooking with gasoline. I don’t usually cook with gasoline, per say, but I do like the smell of it. Outkast says that everyone likes the smell of gasoline. I’m glad I am not alone on that one. And I don’t think I’m alone in saying Nicole is spectacular with a capital ‘S’.

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Madison Swan Yoga Flame

Madison Swan AKA Mia Malkova can bend and contort herself naturally. It didn’t take any intense training for this Southern California native. She has been quite blessed physiologically. Her rump, which would make Sir Mix-a-lot faint, is 100% real. When I first saw it, I said, “I’m sorry”.

Madison Swan Yoga Flame  1Madison Swan Yoga Flame  2Madison Swan Yoga Flame  3Madison Swan Yoga Flame  4Madison Swan Yoga Flame  5Madison Swan Yoga Flame  6Madison Swan Yoga Flame  7Madison Swan Yoga Flame  8Madison Swan Yoga Flame  9Madison Swan Yoga Flame  10Madison Swan Yoga Flame  11Madison Swan Yoga Flame  12

She asked why. I replied, “No one will ever believe it is actually yours.” But to hell with the non-believers. Asses like this exist. Nature spits in your face. Sorry to all the younger Zishy fans that come here for good old-fashioned family entertainment. I decided that bare bum, especially Madison Swan’s, is appropriate enough for my galleries. Stay cheeky, my friends.

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Emily R. Thorne Bedroom Puppet

At first, Emily R. Thorne wasn’t too sure about this American Apparel lace leotard . Not that it was too revealing, she actually quite enjoys nude modeling. Her concern was whether the piece fit her body well and if she looked attractive in it.
Emily R. Thorne Bedroom Puppet 1Emily R. Thorne Bedroom Puppet 2Emily R. Thorne Bedroom Puppet 3Emily R. Thorne Bedroom Puppet 4Emily R. Thorne Bedroom Puppet 5Emily R. Thorne Bedroom Puppet 6Emily R. Thorne Bedroom Puppet 7Emily R. Thorne Bedroom Puppet 8
She gauged my response, felt the fabric fit her like a glove, and asked if she could take it home with her. How was I to deny such a request?
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