Jamie Alexis does toilet humor

I was actually surprised that Jamie Alexis was willing to be photographed in a restroom having fun. I expected that she would tell me it was too gross or stupid. But when Jamie saw how ridiculously pink this particular ladies’ room was, she fell in love.

Jamie Alexis does toilet humor 1Jamie Alexis does toilet humor 2Jamie Alexis does toilet humor 3Jamie Alexis does toilet humor 4Jamie Alexis does toilet humor 5Jamie Alexis does toilet humor 6Jamie Alexis does toilet humor 7Jamie Alexis does toilet humor 8

Jamie is a real girlie girl. She doesn’t like sports, she loves shopping, and she never goes anywhere without looking great. Luckily, that latter one is rather easy for a girl like Jamie.

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Jade Couture Morning Showers

Jade Couture AKA Natasha Malkova is as pretty and sweet and natural as they come from Southern California. She first gives you the impression that she’s a bit reserved, but when you ask her to strip down or do something provocative, you can’t sense the least bit of hesitation. Jade keeps close with her small group of friends and they enjoy going out on hikes and other random excursions in nature.

Jade Couture Morning Showers 1Jade Couture Morning Showers 2Jade Couture Morning Showers 3Jade Couture Morning Showers 4Jade Couture Morning Showers 5Jade Couture Morning Showers 6Jade Couture Morning Showers 7Jade Couture Morning Showers 8

Although she is friendly and full of smiles, one can sense that Jade is a quiet and thoughtful person. She claims that when she was young, her parents kept her in unflattering clothes and hence made her feel a bit like the ugly duckling in school. Seems like that is no longer the case.

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Issy Mai The Naked Suite

Issy Mai and I returned back to my suite at the Trump resort after hitting the pool. She was completely comfortable with me at this point and didn’t seem to mind walking around without a stitch of clothing on.

Issy Mai The Naked Suite 1Issy Mai The Naked Suite 2Issy Mai The Naked Suite 3Issy Mai The Naked Suite 4Issy Mai The Naked Suite 5Issy Mai The Naked Suite 6Issy Mai The Naked Suite 7Issy Mai The Naked Suite 8

I pointed out the extravagant telephone by the toilet, the embedded flat screen TV in the bathroom mirror, and the gaudy horse-head statue on the desk. All of which made for great potpourri in these images. Issy was a pleasure to work with and meet on this quick trip of mine to Vegas, a beautiful person inside and out.

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Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl

A while ago I became intrigued with photos that I found floating on the net where you see a girl clothed and then right next to it, the same girl in a similar pose but with less clothing on. When I met Ingrid Hayes for this shoot, I explained the concept and we gave it a go. Ingrid is a pleasant young lady with the essence of a hipster, however I still think she’s pretty cool.

Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 1Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 2Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 3Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 4Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 5Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 6Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 7Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 8

I poked around her place for items we could use as a prop and she whipped out a 35mm film camera that she got at Urban Outfitters. I only ever owned one film camera and it was a broken one that I don’t think I ever figured out how to work. I never found where to plug in the USB cable to download the photos?!?

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Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams

Nicole Wetzel has legs for days. Probably legs for nights as well. She spares the smiles in this gallery. I must have given her that direction. Or, perhaps she is one of those rare women that do not find me to be all that humorous. That’s fine, Nicole. Be serious. Be Posh.

Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 1Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 2Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 3Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 4Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 5Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 6Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 7Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 8Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 9Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 10Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 11Nicole Wetzel Gasoline Dreams 12

I’m going to make you look tantalizing without even a grin. When you throw a short skirt and heels on a leggy 19-year-old, you are cooking with gasoline. I don’t usually cook with gasoline, per say, but I do like the smell of it. Outkast says that everyone likes the smell of gasoline. I’m glad I am not alone on that one. And I don’t think I’m alone in saying Nicole is spectacular with a capital ‘S’.

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Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey

Being the complete and utterly modest gentleman that I am, I insisted that Eva Lovia crash in my bed when she stayed overnight at my place. So upon awaking in my living room, I had a grand idea to photograph Eva in the early morning light, without makeup, without fixed hair, Nothing.

Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 1Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 2Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 3Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 4Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 5Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 6Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 7Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 8Eva Lovia Wakey Wakey 9

I suspected her raw beauty was the kind that could pull it off. I am thinking you will agree. Luckily, I enjoy staying in shape. I run and swim regularly. I say luckily because try to think of how much strain a man’s heart must undergo by having a magnificent creature such as Eva, roll around in front of him in the wee hours of the morn.

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Debbie Vogel Sheer Bliss

Debbie Vogel is from San Francisco. It is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever visited. It seems that the beauty has rubbed off on this 19 year old. Her natural body is a sight to behold. She comes out to LA every couple of months for modeling gigs. Her fashionable looks easily land her fashionable modeling jobs. She was staying at her friend’s place in LA, who also photographs Debbie, and apparently he had no idea that she does any underwear modeling.

Debbie Vogel Sheer Bliss 1Debbie Vogel Sheer Bliss 2Debbie Vogel Sheer Bliss 3Debbie Vogel Sheer Bliss 4Debbie Vogel Sheer Bliss 5Debbie Vogel Sheer Bliss 6Debbie Vogel Sheer Bliss 7Debbie Vogel Sheer Bliss 8

So it was her wish that we shot quickly in his living room while he was out running errands in the morning. But while we were in the middle of taking these, he unexpectedly arrives and she is embarrassed as all hell. I asked her the reason for keeping it a secret and she says that once a guy knows that you take provocative photos, that style is the only one he will want to take of you. And by that, she proved to me she was not only pretty, but also smart.

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Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only

Danica Ensley back at it with her fun and positive personality. I asked her if she’d be cool with drinking and getting playful with milk for some photos. She was like, for shizz. Then she started lapping up milk like a kitty.

Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 1Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 2Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 3Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 4Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 5Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 6Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 7Danica Ensley Whole Milk Only 8

And I was like, ahhh yeah! She’s a perfect beauty inside and out. Loyal as all hell to her man, attentive and caring towards her nephews, ready to work hard and do a good job at whatever task is in front of her. There needs to be more like her. Danica for life!

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Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing

Chelsea Dawson moved to LA 2 years ago from New Zealand. I photographed her at her home in Brentwood. She loves animals, especially dogs, and seems to genuinely enjoy making new friends.

Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 1Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 2Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 3Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 4Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 5Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 6Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 7Chelsea Dawson just chillaxing 8

Her day job is as a receptionist at a legal firm in Century City. Chelsea has the frame that lends perfectly to fashion/lingerie modeling. Apparently, this was one of her first photo shoots ever and just like her incredible figure, she was a natural.

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Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines

Upon editing these photos, I realized how the sequence makes no sense. Why would Kelly Lamprin rub lotion on her skin only to jump into the shower shortly after? Did anyone notice this oddity before reading these notes? If you did, you deserve a badge for being hyper-observant.

Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 2Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 3Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 4Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 5Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 6Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 7Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 8Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 9Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 10Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 1

I certainly would have missed it. All of my attention would be drawn to this incredible girl shedding her underwear and enjoying a hot shower. The water was so warm it made Kelly’s bottom turn red. I found that to be absurdly cute. After drying off, Kelly rushed to her job at a local movie theater. Her clientele must have had no clue that they just missed the real show. BTW, a monthly subscription to Zishy costs less than a movie ticket. Just sayin’.

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