Julie Wheeler Body Maintenance

Julie Wheeler says her father instilled a strong sense of discipline in all his children. Julie and her siblings were constantly nudged towards sports and other competitive activities.

Julie Wheeler Body Maintenance 1Julie Wheeler Body Maintenance 2Julie Wheeler Body Maintenance 3Julie Wheeler Body Maintenance 4Julie Wheeler Body Maintenance 5Julie Wheeler Body Maintenance 6Julie Wheeler Body Maintenance 7Julie Wheeler Body Maintenance 8

Nowadays, she lives on her own in a small Hollywood apartment, sans the strict guidance of a parent. Her apartment might be messy, but overall, the mess that is Julie is a beautiful one.

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Madison Swan Yoga Flame

Madison Swan AKA Mia Malkova can bend and contort herself naturally. It didn’t take any intense training for this Southern California native. She has been quite blessed physiologically. Her rump, which would make Sir Mix-a-lot faint, is 100% real. When I first saw it, I said, “I’m sorry”.

Madison Swan Yoga Flame  1Madison Swan Yoga Flame  2Madison Swan Yoga Flame  3Madison Swan Yoga Flame  4Madison Swan Yoga Flame  5Madison Swan Yoga Flame  6Madison Swan Yoga Flame  7Madison Swan Yoga Flame  8Madison Swan Yoga Flame  9Madison Swan Yoga Flame  10Madison Swan Yoga Flame  11Madison Swan Yoga Flame  12

She asked why. I replied, “No one will ever believe it is actually yours.” But to hell with the non-believers. Asses like this exist. Nature spits in your face. Sorry to all the younger Zishy fans that come here for good old-fashioned family entertainment. I decided that bare bum, especially Madison Swan’s, is appropriate enough for my galleries. Stay cheeky, my friends.

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Parker Mixon My Trail Guide

These are remnants from only a couple months back, when the weather was warm and the days were long. Parker Mixon’s soft skin dazzled in the San Antonio sun. It doesn’t take much for this adorable girl-next-door to catch my attention. I would have never guessed that a polo shirt and flat sandals could be so enticing.

Parker Mixon My Trail Guide 1Parker Mixon My Trail Guide 2Parker Mixon My Trail Guide 3Parker Mixon My Trail Guide 4Parker Mixon My Trail Guide 5Parker Mixon My Trail Guide 6Parker Mixon My Trail Guide 7Parker Mixon My Trail Guide 8

My siblings and I stayed at home instead of being sent to Summer camp. But if I had, I wish my camp counselor would have resembled Parker. Our camp experience came vicariously from Nickelodeon’s ‘Hey Dude’ show, which if I recall correctly, had several attractive female characters. Thanks, Nick!

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