Haley Gladwell Paliscades Punk

The tall, lovely, fair-skinned Haley Gladwell returns for another Zishy shoot. The weather was warm, so Haley felt comfortable in this sheer black nothing by Armani Exchange. She consumed about three half-melted popsicles in a matter of minutes. Haley recalled a sugar high when I showed her the photos.

Haley Gladwell Paliscades Punk 1Haley Gladwell Paliscades Punk 2Haley Gladwell Paliscades Punk 3Haley Gladwell Paliscades Punk 4Haley Gladwell Paliscades Punk 5Haley Gladwell Paliscades Punk 6Haley Gladwell Paliscades Punk 7Haley Gladwell Paliscades Punk 8

We took these in the Palisades, which is an upscale neighborhood just a few minutes from UCLA, where Haley attends and recently finished her sophomore year. Some of the residences’ outdoor security cameras may have picked up part of our antics. Whoops.

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Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv

It was not hard to bring the rebel side out of Tristan Berrimore. We took these in one of the nicer neighborhoods of North Hollywood. Tristan is from Florida. Apparently, there are lots of naughty kids in that state. You ever seen the movie, Bully? That had a lasting impression of the Floridian youth on me.

Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 1Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 2Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 3Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 4Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 5Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 6Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 7Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 8Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 9Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 10Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 11Tristan Berrimore Burb Perv 12

I also recall the one time I was in the Sunshine State. It was for a wedding and we took the groom out for an impromptu bachelor party. At the club, the most eye-catching stripper wore a smile full of braces and did not look a lick above 17. Through my covert investigation, I discovered that my suspicions were justified. They grow up fast in Florida. True story.

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Darcie Dolce LA Xpress

Darcie Dolce returns. We took a stroll in her Hollywood neighborhood. I could quickly tell that taking photos on the street made Darcie nervous. So we went back to her place where she is as cool as a cucumber.

Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 1Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 2Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 3Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 4Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 5Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 6Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 7Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 8Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 9Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 10Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 11Darcie Dolce LA Xpress 12

Darcie may be a petite woman, but she carries around some spectacular natural curves. Anyone else have memories of flipping through an L.A Xpress, hoping to discover an uncensored nipple? Praise Yeezus for the Internet. Lambchop covers a Sisters of Mercy track called “This Corrosion” in the bonus video.

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