Jessica Robbin Pink Pop

This is not a Pink’s hot dog that Jessica Robbin is munching on, however, it is actually my favorite hot dog in Los Angeles. It is a large Hebrew National from a little place known as Costco. You can get one WITH a soda for an absurd price of $1.50 and you do not even have to have a Costco membership.

Jessica Robbin Pink Pop 1Jessica Robbin Pink Pop 2Jessica Robbin Pink Pop 3Jessica Robbin Pink Pop 4Jessica Robbin Pink Pop 5Jessica Robbin Pink Pop 6Jessica Robbin Pink Pop 7Jessica Robbin Pink Pop 8

Jessica was hungry and craved something quick & meaty, so I let her experience my secret pleasure (forgive all the innuendo). This Floridian is hilarious and knows how to cut loose in front of the camera. It is interesting to see what personality an adult performer will reveal when you don’t act like every other dude by trying to bang them.

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