Geri Burgess Forecast Love

Geri Burgess is as beautiful as they come. When I first met her, I thought my style of photos would be too much for a girl with such a sweet disposition. I was pleasantly surprised to be incorrect. Geri loves to travel and to run.

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She already graduated from college but has sought out adventure since receiving her diploma. She shared stories about wild times in Japan that even made me raise my brows. Geri is a unique young woman who reminded me never to judge a book by its cover.

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Geri Burgess Type Oh

Captain Obvious here again to report that Geri Burgess is incredible. A few months ago, her beauty earned her a contract with a “mainstream” modeling agency. However, recently someone posted all her Zishy links along with her agency page to an online forum. It was surprising since she is published here under a pseudonym.

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So someone either seriously did their homework, or what I suspect is more likely, someone who personally knows Geri did her this disservice. Long story short, Geri seems to have been dropped by the moronic agency. I did my best to console her and said she was better off without them. They seemed too small-time for Geri’s potential anyways. Puritans really have no business representing the Bold & Beautiful of this world.

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