Kelly Lamprin Christian Household

Kelly Lamprin is the ‘cat’s pajamas’, which is a phrase used by hipsters of the 1920’s to describe a person who is the best at what they do. And it is hard to think of anyone who could rock this sheer turtleneck bodysuit better than Kelly. The only complaint I have is with the Moire pattern created by the fabric and my camera. Shucks!

Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  1Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  2Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  3Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  4Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  5Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  6Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  7Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  8Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  9Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  10Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  11Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  12

For the ultra-curious, the picture frames are on the floor because this home was in the middle or redecoration. In the next gallery of Kelly’s, we’ll show you the house’s large walk-in shower and there will be no Moire pattern since there will be no clothes on this incredible girl. Good Lord! Ff you are as enamored by Kelly as I am, you do not want to miss it.

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Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines

Upon editing these photos, I realized how the sequence makes no sense. Why would Kelly Lamprin rub lotion on her skin only to jump into the shower shortly after? Did anyone notice this oddity before reading these notes? If you did, you deserve a badge for being hyper-observant.

Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 2Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 3Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 4Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 5Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 6Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 7Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 8Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 9Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 10Kelly Lamprin Until It Shines 1

I certainly would have missed it. All of my attention would be drawn to this incredible girl shedding her underwear and enjoying a hot shower. The water was so warm it made Kelly’s bottom turn red. I found that to be absurdly cute. After drying off, Kelly rushed to her job at a local movie theater. Her clientele must have had no clue that they just missed the real show. BTW, a monthly subscription to Zishy costs less than a movie ticket. Just sayin’.

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