April Grantham When Nature Calls

I like April Grantham. She is super chill and ready to enjoy nature. These were taken in one of the canyons in the Topanga/Malibu area. We went for a hike and both agreed that our situation did not suck. The land was parched due to the drought here in California, but we also had no job or class to report to on this day.

April Grantham When Nature Calls 1April Grantham When Nature Calls 2April Grantham When Nature Calls 3April Grantham When Nature Calls 4April Grantham When Nature Calls 5April Grantham When Nature Calls 6April Grantham When Nature Calls 7April Grantham When Nature Calls 8April Grantham When Nature Calls 9April Grantham When Nature Calls 10April Grantham When Nature Calls 11April Grantham When Nature Calls 12April Grantham When Nature Calls 13April Grantham When Nature Calls 14April Grantham When Nature Calls 15

Guess you just gotta appreciate the positive in life and not dwell on the negative. For instance, most of us can celebrate the fact that we were not choked to death by a cop this week. Aphex Twin’s “Rhubarb” is the song in the bonus video.

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April Grantham Permanent Staycation

I once had a job. It was not exactly what I would call a stressful job, and I did work for a great man. Just the same, it was a job and it sucked. I am not saying that you should say fuck-all to your ‘career’, refuse to sit in front of a computer trying to make other people rich, and just do something that makes you happy. I would never say that. However, it did work for me (so far). And no, my life is not perfect, in fact, very far from it.

April Grantham Permanent Staycation 1April Grantham Permanent Staycation 2April Grantham Permanent Staycation 3April Grantham Permanent Staycation 4April Grantham Permanent Staycation 5April Grantham Permanent Staycation 6April Grantham Permanent Staycation 7April Grantham Permanent Staycation 8April Grantham Permanent Staycation 9April Grantham Permanent Staycation 10April Grantham Permanent Staycation 11April Grantham Permanent Staycation 12

But most days, even if just for a few moments, you will find something bright from ear to ear on my face. And no one ever confuses it as belonging to someone else. April Grantham hardly ever stops smiling. It appears to be completely natural. I dig that. The song April rocks out to in the video is “Dance Pt. 1” from the Rolling Stones.

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April Grantham Sins Of Drought

April Grantham cares about the environment, cares about animals, even cares about people. This quaint tub and the prospect of a cooling bath made April indulge in the, arguably, unnecessary water use; but for a good cause. See, California is in the midst of a serious drought. I have driven through areas that resemble the Dust Bowl from the 1930s.

April Grantham Sins Of Drought 1April Grantham Sins Of Drought 2April Grantham Sins Of Drought 3April Grantham Sins Of Drought 4April Grantham Sins Of Drought 5April Grantham Sins Of Drought 6April Grantham Sins Of Drought 7April Grantham Sins Of Drought 8April Grantham Sins Of Drought 9April Grantham Sins Of Drought 10April Grantham Sins Of Drought 11April Grantham Sins Of Drought 12

I have seen lakes that have all but dried up completely. Lakeside real estate and the boating community is suffering dearly. This is serious. The dire situation calls for drastic measures. If you are an attractive person and you crave a bath, I urge you to have someone with a camera document the event. You might as well share the enjoyment with as many possible. Thanks for leading the way, April. In all seriousness, please send water.

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