Lily Ivy California Calls

It was one of those warm Summer days that makes the distant Winter seem like a movie you once watched, but can not quite recall the plot of. Lily Ivy was able to experience Santa Monica for the first time in perfect beach-going weather. Lily is from Tennessee. Recently, she learned how to wield her beauty and sexuality in front of a webcam for a living.

Lily Ivy California Calls 2Lily Ivy California Calls 3Lily Ivy California Calls 4Lily Ivy California Calls 5Lily Ivy California Calls 6Lily Ivy California Calls 7Lily Ivy California Calls 8Lily Ivy California Calls 9Lily Ivy California Calls 10Lily Ivy California Calls 11Lily Ivy California Calls 12Lily Ivy California Calls 13

I asked her if she has uncovered any kinks of her own. She confessed to deriving pleasure from being spit upon. From the bonus video, it seems that might go both ways for Lily. The melody is an instrumental version of ‘If I were a rich man’ from “Fiddler on the Roof”.

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Lily Ivy The New Black

You probably love Lily Ivy. You probably think she is the cat’s jamjams. You are probably smitten by her lively, kinky personality. Or is it her crazy good looks?

Lily Ivy The New Black 2Lily Ivy The New Black 3Lily Ivy The New Black 4Lily Ivy The New Black 5Lily Ivy The New Black 6Lily Ivy The New Black 7Lily Ivy The New Black 8Lily Ivy The New Black 9Lily Ivy The New Black 10Lily Ivy The New Black 11Lily Ivy The New Black 12Lily Ivy The New Black 13

Whatever it is, you oughtta be ashamed of yourself. Be original. Resist those charms, mang. Show a little self control. Don’t be so predictable. Don’t be like me.

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Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation

Lily Ivy is from Tennessee. You probably know her already. Since last Summer, she made a sizable splash into the adult industry with her boyfriend. Last night, some person broke into my car, robbed me of my camera gear, destroyed hours of hard work that I put into a great shoot with a beautiful woman.

Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 1Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 2Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 3Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 4Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 5Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 6Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 7Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 8Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 9Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 10Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 11Lily Ivy Little Less Conversation 12

But as long as I continue to photograph specimens like Lily, I will have to roll with the punches. Sure, I am pissed, but mostly at myself. Won’t be leaving things in my car anytime soon. We march on.

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