Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges

If I had to guess, I’d say this pictorial will receive high marks from Zishy subscribers. Ingrid Hayes granted me the amazing privileges of 1)photographing her in her bedroom, 2)while wearing this sheer body and 3)without a lick of makeup on. I am not a religious person, but days like this can make a non-believer rethink his convictions.

Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 1Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 2Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 3Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 4Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 5Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 6Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 7Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 8Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 9Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 10Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 11Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 12

There is an acronym used by computer programmers called KISS. It stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. And that means you should avoid making solutions to problems overly complex. So when people ask me why I don’t hire makeup artists, photo assistants, use fancy lighting equipment in a refined photo studio, apply ‘artistic’ effects in Photoshop, etc; I tell them to KISS my ass.

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Ingrid Hayes Becomes Little Dragon

Ingrid Hayes is over 18. Please do not get your undies in a bunch. Her looks are quite deceiving, but that is probably an ideal quality for an actress. She is putting this trait to good use in edgy roles that call for a young girl with an untamed sexuality. Watch out Ellen Page. I have seen Ingrid’s reels and was very impressed, truly one of the few actresses I have met that can actually act.

Ingrid Hayes Becomes Little Dragon 1Ingrid Hayes Becomes Little Dragon 2Ingrid Hayes Becomes Little Dragon 3Ingrid Hayes Becomes Little Dragon 4Ingrid Hayes Becomes Little Dragon 5Ingrid Hayes Becomes Little Dragon 6Ingrid Hayes Becomes Little Dragon 7Ingrid Hayes Becomes Little Dragon 8Ingrid Hayes Becomes Little Dragon 9

She gave me a tiny taste with her nauseated look in image #17. Fooled me. We took these out in Eagle Rock. Ingrid was bold and beautiful in this little dress by Forever 21 without a stitch of anything else underneath. Stay tuned for more of this unique beauty.

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Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl

A while ago I became intrigued with photos that I found floating on the net where you see a girl clothed and then right next to it, the same girl in a similar pose but with less clothing on. When I met Ingrid Hayes for this shoot, I explained the concept and we gave it a go. Ingrid is a pleasant young lady with the essence of a hipster, however I still think she’s pretty cool.

Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 1Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 2Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 3Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 4Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 5Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 6Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 7Ingrid Hayes Camera Girl 8

I poked around her place for items we could use as a prop and she whipped out a 35mm film camera that she got at Urban Outfitters. I only ever owned one film camera and it was a broken one that I don’t think I ever figured out how to work. I never found where to plug in the USB cable to download the photos?!?

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