Zoe Fletcher Peacocking

Zoe Fletcher’s room, her car, her wardrobe, it all tells of her love for peacocks. If I had an award for best decorated home, it would surely go to Zoe.

Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 1Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 2Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 3Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 4Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 5Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 6Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 7Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 8Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 9Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 10Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 11Zoe Fletcher Peacocking 12

Sometimes, finding beautiful women to take sexy photos feels like trying to find out who really shot JFK. But in the end, I look at Zoe and all the other girls on this site and my faith in providence is renewed. Stay black.

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Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions

Natasha Legeyda won the genetic Olympics. Is it because she is Russian? Or is it because she is Italian? This inked-up beauty with the natural figure of an adult store mannequin swears she never even works out.

Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 1Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 2Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 3Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 4Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 5Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 6Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 7Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 8Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 9Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 10Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 11Natasha Legeyda Creative Visions 12

Natasha just keeps moving, constantly traveling and searching for happiness and adventure.

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Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed

I met Bea Wolf online. She had never posed nude before and had some reservations, which does not surprise me since she is part Native American. Cheap laughs. It didn’t take long before she let her guard down and embraced the experience. We took these at her place. She was worried that her studio apartment was not photogenic enough.

Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 1Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 2Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 3Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 4Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 5Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 6Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 7Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 8Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 9Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 10Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 11Bea Wolf Dances With Daybed 12

Worry, worry, worry. So unnecessary. Some say that I am too relaxed. That I live like a bum. One day, I might have the wisdom to comprehend the insult in this criticism. Bea’s life is a beautiful mess. That is not an insult, because her smile is still bright as the dickens. Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love” is the song in the bonus video.

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Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish

Eva Lovia is another one of those girls that saw the Zishy suit and was gung ho to give it a go. She even asked if I’d consider parting with it. Her charms are quite irresistible but I managed to hold my ground, for I love how young women look in bodysuits and this particular one is quite unique.

Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 1Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 2Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 3Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 4Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 5Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 6Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 7Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 8Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 9Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 10Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 11Eva Lovia Beaucoup Zish 12

Eva’s tan skin is something to marvel at. Her freckles and perfect smile earn your adoration with ease. All that, plus she takes the initiative to give some of the hottest material that you will find on Zishy. Kudos, Eva!

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Veronica Weston Beach Officials

Veronica Weston likes to put on a good show. For the most part, I sat back and just documented her devious nature on this day. Veronica admits to being an exhibitionist of sorts. There may not be many people in the background of these shots, but I assure you there were plenty of eyebrows being raised around lifeguard tower number five.

Veronica Weston Beach Officials 1Veronica Weston Beach Officials 2Veronica Weston Beach Officials 3Veronica Weston Beach Officials 4Veronica Weston Beach Officials 5Veronica Weston Beach Officials 6Veronica Weston Beach Officials 7Veronica Weston Beach Officials 8Veronica Weston Beach Officials 9Veronica Weston Beach Officials 10Veronica Weston Beach Officials 11Veronica Weston Beach Officials 12

The shoes she’s wearing are quite awkward to walk in, which makes Veronica’s cartwheel in the bonus video clip all the more impressive. If you can believe it, this cheeky blonde had the audacity to ask if she did a good job. Yes, I’d say Veronica Weston gets an A on her report card. Summer days, I will miss thee.

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Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges

If I had to guess, I’d say this pictorial will receive high marks from Zishy subscribers. Ingrid Hayes granted me the amazing privileges of 1)photographing her in her bedroom, 2)while wearing this sheer body and 3)without a lick of makeup on. I am not a religious person, but days like this can make a non-believer rethink his convictions.

Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 1Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 2Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 3Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 4Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 5Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 6Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 7Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 8Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 9Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 10Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 11Ingrid Hayes Bedroom Privileges 12

There is an acronym used by computer programmers called KISS. It stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. And that means you should avoid making solutions to problems overly complex. So when people ask me why I don’t hire makeup artists, photo assistants, use fancy lighting equipment in a refined photo studio, apply ‘artistic’ effects in Photoshop, etc; I tell them to KISS my ass.

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Hannah Kinney Polite Pool

Your rain dances have been answered, Hannah Kinney is back. If there was a tally of how many direct emails I get about any specific girl, I’m sure Hannah’s name would be at the top of the list. This sultry beauty is also a guilty pleasure of mine. She’s like that Skrillex song that I hate to admit is really fucking good.

Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  3Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  4Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  5Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  6Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  7Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  8Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  9Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  10Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  11Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  1Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  2Hannah Kinney Polite Pool  12

To explain, I am not one who usually goes for piercings or tattoos. Hannah has plenty of both. Nonetheless, her smile and her sex appeal make me forget about my hangups. Now, I’m not so naive to think that any female is all sweet and no sour, but Hannah sure does have a way about her. She’s from Missouri and is in college studying graphic design. More H K to come.

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Dora Flynn Ginger Suites

These photos of Dora Flynn have me itching to return to Las Vegas. I do not care about gambling. I do not care for expensive live shows. Alcohol, strippers, and crowded dance floors do not pique my interest. What drives me is a hunger for another kind of fun. I enjoy spectating the extravagance that is Vegas.
Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 1Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 2Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 3Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 4Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 5Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 6Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 7Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 8Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 9Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 10Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 11Dora Flynn Ginger Suites 12
And I love to photograph beautiful women with this backdrop. Dora came South from Canada to the Nevada oasis to be with her video game romance, meaning that she met her bf while gaming online and decided to roll the dice with Sin City. Dora visibly gets a thrill showing off her flexibility and French tongue. Resort fees are lame, but they are a small to pay for my type of fun. Hope you enjoy this petite & bendy ginger and have a winning weekend.
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Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn

If you’re not big on tattoos, I feel ya. If you do not like Piper Candless, tough. I have a few galleries on her. I had to trek back up to Palm Springs just to photograph Piper. She was leaving the area, so the window of opportunity was mighty slim. Nonetheless, I knew that I had to capture this eccentric beauty with her athletic body for your eyes.

Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 1Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 2Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 3Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 4Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 5Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 6Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 7Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 8Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 9Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 10Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 11Piper Candless Windmills At Dawn 12

We woke up at the crack of dawn for these images. Piper had her espresso, I had my camera. We get out there and within minutes, she tells me that this setting calls for her to strip out of her clothes. Alright, Piper. No complaints here. Can you see the Ryan McGinley influence on this one?

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Kelly Lamprin Christian Household

Kelly Lamprin is the ‘cat’s pajamas’, which is a phrase used by hipsters of the 1920’s to describe a person who is the best at what they do. And it is hard to think of anyone who could rock this sheer turtleneck bodysuit better than Kelly. The only complaint I have is with the Moire pattern created by the fabric and my camera. Shucks!

Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  1Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  2Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  3Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  4Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  5Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  6Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  7Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  8Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  9Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  10Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  11Kelly Lamprin Christian Household  12

For the ultra-curious, the picture frames are on the floor because this home was in the middle or redecoration. In the next gallery of Kelly’s, we’ll show you the house’s large walk-in shower and there will be no Moire pattern since there will be no clothes on this incredible girl. Good Lord! Ff you are as enamored by Kelly as I am, you do not want to miss it.

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