Samantha Rone Japanese Acid

Samantha Rone Japanese Acid  2

Samantha Rone and I visit Mitsuwa Market and CVS in this gallery. She showed me her favorite sake, which if you are unfamiliar with Japanese culture, is an alcoholic drink made of fermented rice. I do not drink much these days, mostly because I know how much I enjoy it and hate stopping. I am convinced that the world is in no dire need of drunk aceholes, so I will spare it my enrollment.

On a completely unrelated note, am I the only straight man who really digs Lana Del Rey’s music? Her style is so over-dramatic, superficial, and narcissistic, but somehow I find myself craving it from time to time. Perhaps, I will never be able to shake my addiction to crazy girls. Lana Del Rey’s “Pretty When You Cry” is the song on the bonus video.

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