Kendra Sunderland Legal Woes

This is Kendra Sunderland. Kendra is 19 years young. Kendra was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. Kendra smiles a lot. Kendra likes to break the rules. Kendra has a wild and free sexuality. Kendra gives people the benefit of the doubt. Kendra loves her blunts. Kendra’s favorite animals are kittens and ferrets. Kendra is a Gemini. Kendra loves to masturbate. Kendra needs money to survive, just like everyone else.

Kendra Sunderland Legal Woes 1Kendra Sunderland Legal Woes 2Kendra Sunderland Legal Woes 3Kendra Sunderland Legal Woes 4Kendra Sunderland Legal Woes 5Kendra Sunderland Legal Woes 6Kendra Sunderland Legal Woes 7Kendra Sunderland Legal Woes 8

Kendra attended Oregon State University until she decided to drop out because she was bored with her classes. The excessive debt that attending OSU incurs was also less than ideal for Kendra. Kendra Sunderland is her real name. Kendra’s name will be forever associated with explicit webcamming videos thanks to someone thoughtlessly linking the two publicly online. Kendra made headlines last week for being busted making a sexual video in her college library. Google her name and you can get the deets. Kendra is strong. Kendra will survive. Long live Kendra. Much more of Kendra Sunderland coming soon to Zishy.

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Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen

Blake Crawford appreciated the idea of photographing her with a natural, unrefined look. She understood that sometimes its better to not tamper much with a good thing. One of my favorite quotes is: if it ain’t broke, don’t break it.

Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 1Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 2Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 3Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 4Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 5Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 6Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 7Blake Crawford Barefoot Gen 8

Ok, so its just my own version of an all ready popular idiom, but that is how I often feel about cosmetic modifications such as makeup, piercings, surgery, tattoos, and sometimes even shaving/hair removal. Anyhoo, Blake has a fantastic raw beauty and seemed perfectly comfortable in her own skin.

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Bailey Helen Why So Serious

I told Bailey Helen that she could select anything that she wanted to wear for this pictorial. She compiled the wackiest get-up possible from her suitcase of clothes. But this is Bailey.

Bailey Helen Why So Serious 1Bailey Helen Why So Serious 2Bailey Helen Why So Serious 3Bailey Helen Why So Serious 4Bailey Helen Why So Serious 5Bailey Helen Why So Serious 6Bailey Helen Why So Serious 7Bailey Helen Why So Serious 8

She loves life and knows how to cut loose for the camera. Bailey used her long legs and athletic build to attack the hurdles on her high school track team.

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Samantha Rone Japanese Acid

Samantha Rone and I visit Mitsuwa Market and CVS in this gallery. She showed me her favorite sake, which if you are unfamiliar with Japanese culture, is an alcoholic drink made of fermented rice. I do not drink much these days, mostly because I know how much I enjoy it and hate stopping. I am convinced that the world is in no dire need of drunk aceholes, so I will spare it my enrollment.

Samantha Rone Japanese Acid  1Samantha Rone Japanese Acid  2Samantha Rone Japanese Acid  3Samantha Rone Japanese Acid  4Samantha Rone Japanese Acid  5Samantha Rone Japanese Acid  6Samantha Rone Japanese Acid  7Samantha Rone Japanese Acid  8

On a completely unrelated note, am I the only straight man who really digs Lana Del Rey’s music? Her style is so over-dramatic, superficial, and narcissistic, but somehow I find myself craving it from time to time. Perhaps, I will never be able to shake my addiction to crazy girls. Lana Del Rey’s “Pretty When You Cry” is the song on the bonus video.

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Aysha Thoen Ikea Sunday

Ikea in Burbank is crawling with people on a Sunday. It is especially busy when they are having some sort of Disney promotion just outside of the storefront. However, this did not deter the fantastic Aysha Thoen and I to try and sneak some shots as devout Christians, fresh out of mass, shopped for trendy new furnishings for their domicile.

Aysha Thoen Ikea Sunday 1Aysha Thoen Ikea Sunday 2Aysha Thoen Ikea Sunday 3Aysha Thoen Ikea Sunday 4Aysha Thoen Ikea Sunday 5Aysha Thoen Ikea Sunday 6Aysha Thoen Ikea Sunday 7Aysha Thoen Ikea Sunday 8

It was tough, but we were patient and were able to find a few semi-private nooks for Aysha to show off her sensual stockings. I also did finally try the famed Ikea Swedish meatballs on this day. They paled in comparison to the lovely girl I shared them with. So here she is again, back by popular demand, Ms. Aysha Thoen.

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